Endodontics Residency 2024

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Jun 15, 2019
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Hi, if anyone recently has had experience with the endodontics residency application process, could you kindly answer the following questions?

1) if applying early is important, what would be the latest date that is still considered early enough to be competitive?

2) Is it possible to submit your application before having completed the INDBE (integrated national board exams) ? If so, how much time after submitting the application should you complete the board exams by?

3) if you submit board exam scores after applying, are you still able to receive interviews from endo residency programs before submitting the board scores?

4) what are the chances for someone straight out of dental school with cumulative 3.9 GPA, rank #5/110 first year, #18/110 second year, with extensive class leadership experience in dental school?

5) does research/ participation in AAE make a huge difference in the application?

6) how did previous applicants know endodontics was their passion?

Thanks so much in advance !

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