1. D

    recommended Textbooks for Endodontics

    I have been accepted into master degree program in Endodontics what books do you recommend for this field during my postgraduate studies .
  2. R

    Endodontists Income/Salary

    Hi All, Could any practicing endodontists, endo residents or other professionals kindly share their income/salary as an endodontist? Please include your days working, hours, cases per day, state, years of experience and if you are traveling specialist, group practice/etc.....thank you so much !!
  3. R

    Endodontics Residency 2024

    Hi, if anyone recently has had experience with the endodontics residency application process, could you kindly answer the following questions? 1) if applying early is important, what would be the latest date that is still considered early enough to be competitive? 2) Is it possible to submit...
  4. S

    Specializing after working as GP

    If I have been practicing as a GP for several years after dental school but decide that I want go back to specialize in endodontics, where / how would I get 3 letters of recommendation? I had no interest in specializing while in dental school, and so I never participated in research or built...
  5. N

    Question for current Endo Residents and Endodontists

    For those of us starting Endo residencies next year, is there anything that you recommend we do to prepare? Is there anything you wish you had done or known before starting residency? Also, how necessary is it to have loupes? Do you ever use them as opposed to microscopes?
  6. W

    Applying to Endodontic Residencies Straight Out of Dental School

    I know this was discussed previously, but I'm curious if anything has changed. I'm wondering if anyone this year applied to and was accepted to an endodontic residency straight out of dental school? If so, which program? Also, what did you do to stand out?
  7. J

    ADAT Knockout vs Crack the ADAT??

    Looking to take the ADAT this semester, but I keep seeing conflicting opinions about different studying materials. Anyone have any advice regarding ADAT knockout or crack the ADAT? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!
  8. A

    Endodontist for Army reserve ?

    Hello everyone, Anyone have joined the army/navy reserved as an endodontist before ? have you guys experienced it ? They don't have endo positions like for OS or Pros so will treated as a GD from what I was told. I'm an endo resident on my first year of a three years program. few friends have...
  9. E

    Applying for Endodontic Residency with a Significant Other

    Hello all I am considering applying for an endodontics residency. The lack of endo's participation in match can make this very challenging and often requires applicants to make quick, life-changing decisions with little notice. As a planner, this bothers me. Anyways, my question boils down to...
  10. G

    Endo Residency - what does it take?

    Hello all, I am currently a D2 finishing up third semester and I’ve found that I would love to pursue a speciality in Endodontics. The problem is that I struggled mightily during the first year of dental school (not because of academic ability, but due to personal issues: close death in the...
  11. Biggytooth

    Is Corporate Dentistry Less of a Threat to the Specialties?

    Hey all, I am in the midst of determining what dental school I will be able to attend this coming fall. I have an offer of admission from an expensive private school and am still praying to get into my state school. The entire situation has me thinking about my future quite a bit, as well as...
  12. Nat426

    Endo - 3 Professional Evaluation Forms

    Interested in your thoughts on who to get evaluations from. I can get 3 from endodontists, but I could also get one from my AEGD director and a previous dental school faculty who is now Dean of a dental school. Would the 3 from the endodontists be best?
  13. D

    International applicants

    Greetings everyone, Firstly, I would like to thank all of you guys for helping each other. Secondly, As I am an international applicant who have not received any interview invitation yet, I would like to ask is there any international applicant received an interview invitation? Please answer...
  14. nobeldds

    Very Interested in Getting into Endo, don't know where to start

    I have realized that I truly want to become an Endodontist. I want to do whatever I can to develop a solid application. I graduated from a US dental school in 2016 and have been working as an associate dentist ever since. My GPA was 3.1 and ranked 47/95. I have not written the ADAT. What do you...
  15. dienepredent


  16. Akam ahz

    Shape of apex of the root

    Hello, It’s my first year in dental school, and in my dental anatomy book we study the structural and morphological features of all teeth. My book gives much significance on mentioning the shape of apex of each tooth, e.g. the apex of the upper central is blunt. That’s of the upper first...
  17. B

    DDS/PhD research topics

    Hello! I recently got accepted into a DDS/PhD Program and extremely excited to start my independent research! However, I am having a difficult time trying to decide the research lab. I'm unsure if my PhD research will matter when I choose a residency. If it does matter, I'm not sure what...
  18. Sage of Pale Bones

    Endodontist job outlook. What to do after competing residency?

    I was talking to a Dentist I had shadowed a while back about specializing and was looking towards Endodontics (Assuming I keep my grades up XD ). My only concern is the Job outlook. It seems more and more General Dentists are performing Root canals. Is this something I should be worried about...
  19. T

    1st vs. 2nd dental assistant in small office

  20. M

    Why is ENDO residency so competitive?

    Is it the lifestyle/salary? Most people I talk to hate it..
  21. pikaboo

    Do you listen to music during operations and what do you listen to??

    I usually listen to Andante Favori (Beethoven) what does everybody listen to when they want to lose the stiffness and get in the zone?
  22. M

    What are the highest paid medical/dental specialties PER HOUR?

    Not considering yearly salary, what are the highest paid hourly med/dent specialties? I’ve heard orthopedics, plastics, dermatology, orthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery all make a killing but some work fairly more hours/week.
  23. C

    What career should I choose

    Hey guys I'm a senior in high school who has been pretty set on becoming a Nurse Anesthetist but I'm having second thoughts. I'm just thinking that since it is going to be a doctorate degree by the time I'm in CRNA school that I should just do pre-med or pre-dental rather than nursing. There are...
  24. A

    Endodontist post-residency income and loan repayment

    Hello, I want to get some feedback from endodontists on what their experience has been like in trying to find job right after residency. Would be great if you could mention some tips on whether you went to private practice route, corporate, or travelling endodontist and what geared you towards...
  25. 56101991

    Endodontist Job Market

    Any endodontists care to share what your experiences have been like in the first few years out of residency? Is it difficult to get full-time positions and have busy schedules? What are some starting salary figures one can expect (will finish residency with roughly 400k debt)? Thx.
  26. W

    Trouble getting in endo

    I'm a foreign trained dentist trying to get in an endodontics residency. I graduate in 2010 with a not so great GPA, got a 90 and an 80 in NBDE I and II respectively, did AEGD in the US, got a 90 in ADAT, practicing in Florida and has been applying for endo for 3 years. I never even got an...
  27. pikaboo


    Hey guys I know there are Exams pre-programs such as CBSE before OMFS and GRE before Ortho, is there an exam to do for endodontics programs? what are their general requirements? Thanks.
  28. M

    OMFS vs. ENDO

    Which is more stressful/hectic day to day in private practice and which has the harder road to opening a practice? What are private practice oral surgeons and endodontists ACTUALLY making? "Average" salaries posted on career websites don't seem remotely accurate.....(i'm very interested in both...
  29. 56101991

    Harvard, PENN, and Columbia ENDO

    Anyone know any details about these endo programs? Specifically, do they accept D4s and allow moonlighting?
  30. M

    Class Rank vs. GPA when applying to speciality programs

  31. 56101991

    For the sake of argument, what is the best dental speciality and why?

    Benefits/disadvantages to each in private practice?
  32. M

    Interested in endodontics residency

    Hello, I'm interested in applying to endo residencies this spring and want to know if anyone has a list of programs that have a track record of accepting students straight out of dental school? Also, as a D3/D4, what kinds of grades, extracurriculars, etc. would make a competitive applicant...
  33. 56101991

    ENDO 2018

    Does anyone who is applying/applied to midwest ENDODONTIC programs like Marquette, UIC, etc. know if they accept students right out of dental school? What makes a D4 desirable to endo program directors? Also, what other programs have a track record of accepting D4s? Any feedback is appreciated.
  34. 56101991

    ENDO programs that accept D4s?

    Does anyone have a list of such programs? Thanks
  35. K

    Specializing and $700k debt

    I want to specialize but I have close to $450k in student loans from dental school. The Endo programs I plan on applying to essentially have no programs that offer stipends, so I'll have to pay $100k each year for two years if I get into one. Being $700k in debt is obviously no easy burden, and...
  36. premac

    Endodontics 2017

    Hi everyone, It's that time of the year! Hopefully the application process is going very well for all of you (and studying, for those of us that are taking ADAT soon) I don't see a lot of activity regarding this super awesome specialty on SDN, so I decided to make a thread for this application...
  37. 56101991

    What are Endodontic residencies looking for in applicants? (GPA, class rank, research, LORs, etc.)

    I'm interested in pursuing an endodontic residency and am curious what I should be doing to best prepare myself? Any help is appreciated
  38. A

    Endo programs that allow moonlighting

    Hello everyone, I was curious to find out which Endo residency programs are open to students moonlighting during weekends? I have heard of the following programs that do let you moonlight: NYU West Virginia Uni University of Connecticut Would appreciate it if we could create a list of...