1. julianbashir

    What can I do to get off waitlist?

    What can I do to identify and address any areas of weakness that would hinder my ability to get off the waitlist? I am willing to do anything I can do to try and get off the waitlist at my top choice, but I’m not sure what they want to see in an update. For context; I graduated college ~3...
  2. cowtownqueen

    NAVLE 2024 Results

    Hi all, I know we are all anxiously awaiting hearing back about our NAVLE scores. I couldn’t find another thread for this cycle so I decided to start one here. Anyone have a guess as to when we will hear back about scores?
  3. D

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTD Application Updates

    Hello everyone! Just sharing my application journey so far, will update as more info comes in. I applied to UMichigan-Flint, Rocky Mountain U, Abilene Christian, UTEP, TWU, UTMB, and UTRGV. Acceptances: RMU, UMichigan-Flint (interviewed), Abilene Christian Interviews: Denials:
  4. Z

    Illinois DPT Program Updates 2023-2024 Cycle

    Hi everyone, I thought i’d make an Illinois DPT program update thread for us to converse on! Fill this out: Current institution: GPA: pGPA: science GPA (if known): Test scores: Extracurriculars: Observation Hours: Schools applied: Schools interview invite: Schools rejection: Schools accepted:
  5. M

    WAMC for this cycle

    Date of submission: Mid June Overall GPA: 4.00 Science GPA: 4.00 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 4.00 DAT Score: AA: 24, PAT: 23, BIO: 26, OC: 25, GC: 25, RC: 22, QR: 24 State of Residence: NJ Undergrad Attended: Small public school (in-state) Major: Biology Minor: N/A Minority: No Reapplicant: No...
  6. Ryxndek

    ADEA 2023-2024 Application Questions thread!

    Hello all pre-dents! The ADEA AADSAS app for the 2023-2024 cycle is now open! It would be a good idea to jump in now and start filling it out, answering questions, and uploading transcripts to help speed up the process for when you want to apply! This will save you a few hours, or more, of...
  7. R

    Endodontics Residency 2024

    Hi, if anyone recently has had experience with the endodontics residency application process, could you kindly answer the following questions? 1) if applying early is important, what would be the latest date that is still considered early enough to be competitive? 2) Is it possible to submit...
  8. M

    WAMC: Should I apply this cycle vs. next cycle? PRE-MED

    Hi, I have a quick inquiry. I'm struggling with identifying if I should apply this cycle or next cycle due to my MCAT score. I'd appreciate some feedback. Since everything in life is conditional and varies per person a quick summary: I am scheduled for an April 28th test date; however, I am...