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Jan 3, 2007
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I am writing a few essays for entrance into about 3 colleges in North Jersey. Does anyone have any advice on what is the best way to write an entrance essay? Does it have to be formal? Do I have to use the MLA format? Please some feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Dec 10, 2006
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Sure. There is no formal method to write an admission essay. It should, however, be well written and free of errors. An essay should state anything about yourself you want the admission commitees to know that can't be found elsewhere on your application. I just wrote one this week and I simply wrote about what I have been doing with my life besides school. If you can make it humorous and fun to read (I know its hard) because those people read about 2000 essays. If yours stands out it will help you. Also if you suck at editing, sentance structure, and flow I would suggest sending your essay into a editing service to clean it up. This way you can focus on writing your thoughts and not have to worry about all the grammar crap. I used essayedge.com and they are very helpful.

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Jan 27, 2007
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Good advice from Awk.

I think at this level they're just looking for evidence that you can communicate in a reasonably coherent manner. Definitely avoid any grammar/spelling errors (obviously). Also don't use abbreviations that are often seen in email (honestly, I have seen essays with things like 'b4' for 'before' and 'cuz' for 'because'). Your posts don't look like this, so I think it won't be a problem for you.

Talk about why you want to go to the school and what your educational/professional goals are long-term. You seem serious & focused on what you want to do, and this will come across positively in your essay. If there is something that you really like about a particular school (for example, you're interested in majoring in history and they have a well-respected history program), it's also a good idea to mention it in the essay.

Don't stress too much about this; it shouldn't be a really big deal at this level. Good luck!
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