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Apr 18, 2018
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this is definitely going to be the most GENERAL question ever, but what does PICU encompass? by that i mean as a first year college student, what is the pathway for getting into PICU? why are YOU interested in PICU? what are subspecialties and are they relevant to studying for PICU? (i.e. does one cross with PICU and pulm???) & add anything else you can think of for a FRESHMAN who wants to be a sociology major but go into) & add anything else you can think of for a FRESHMAN who wants to be a sociology major but go into medicine, specifically PICU. (pre reqs and MCAT?) lol
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Dec 12, 2002
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PICU is a subspecialty (three years) fellowship after a three year pediatrics residency. That's all after doing 4 years of medical school (in the U.S. anyway). So you have to want to be a pediatrician, and then you have to like to take care of kids who are critically ill. Examples would be kids on ventilators, or kids who have multiple organ failure but the topic is quite broad.

Your first step is to get into medical school, but you have a lot of time. Major in something you are interested in, but get your prereq courses and do well in them. Take time to have fun with friends and be a human being too. Some colleges have connections to medical institutions that allow college students to observe from time to time. Look into that to get an idea of what goes on at a hospital.

The course of medical school is long and your interests may change a lot. Keep yourself open to other things.