1. chemdoctor

    Content Review for Psych/Sociology

    Hello everyone! I have began serious MCAT prep and plan to take the exam as soon as I feel confident. I am having lots of trouble on the Psych/Sociology portion. I took these classes but although I found them easy, I never really retained the information Anyone know a good book for thorough...
  2. N

    Sociology vs anthropology

    I have room for one elective in my schedule. I'm debating between taking a sociology class to help with the MCAT or an anthropology class that counts towards my distribution requirements. Is anthropology close enough to sociology for the MCAT? Which would you recommend?
  3. futureneuromaniac

    For Sale 10th Ed. Examkrackers Complete Study Set

    Hey, guys! I'm selling the Examkrackers 10th Ed. MCAT Complete Study Package for $165 total or best offer. I will pay for shipping. The set is in almost like new condition. (There is no writing in any of the books and the only highlighting is on a few pages of the CARS book.) The books include...
  4. W

    Should I pursue an extra major or a double minor?

    Hi all, I'm a rising junior this fall, and I'm on track to finish my Biology B.S. early, and as such, have time to pursue another major (or double minor). I know already that doing this will really give me minimal benefit in terms of being admitted to medical school. It's more just something I...
  5. M

    AAMC Official Sample TestP/S #12

    While I see that B could be wrong because physicians can be selective with their evidence and D wrong because confirmation bias happens for more emotionally charged issues, why is C wrong while A is correct?
  6. K

    Recommendations for psych/soc section?

    I know everyone says to supplement with KA videos, but which book is better EK, NS, or PR? I've heard good things about NS and PR. Also is BR good for psychology? Thank you so much!
  7. P

    QUESTION about P/S Concept

    What's the difference between discrimination testing from threshold of conscious perception, and the difference threshold (jnd)?
  8. 3

    Sociology Major for Pre-Med?

    Is sociology a good major for getting into a medical school in the US? I understand you can major in whatevery you want as long as you take the pre-reqs but statistically some majors have low chances of getting into medical school, such as health care studies, which has low acceptance rates and...
  9. G

    Sociology for MCAT

    Hey guys, I just finished my sophomore year and am trying to figure out when to take the MCAT. My advisor told me that January 2019 would be the best time, and I will have taken all the pre-req courses by then, except for sociology. I know sociology isn't a huge part of the test, but I still...
  10. K

    entry into PICU

    this is definitely going to be the most GENERAL question ever, but what does PICU encompass? by that i mean as a first year college student, what is the pathway for getting into PICU? why are YOU interested in PICU? what are subspecialties and are they relevant to studying for PICU? (i.e. does...
  11. K

    entry into PICU

    this is definitely going to be the most GENERAL question ever, but what does PICU encompass? by that i mean as a first year college student, what is the pathway for getting into PICU? why are YOU interested in PICU? what are subspecialties and are they relevant to studying for PICU? (i.e. does...
  12. little_giant

    Taking SOCI/PSYC abroad

    My school does not require PSYC/SOCI classes for pre-med, but it does recommend that we take them, and I know many med schools also recommend this. I have no time to take any non-major classes anymore, so I cannot take either course at my US institution. However, I did take a health and...
  13. P

    How do I study MCAT P/S without Anki?

    Throughout my entire academic career, flashcards have NEVER worked for me. This is one of the reasons why I struggle in courses that require pure memorization. I get much better results when I read the book or create logical flow charts/diagrams. The reason I mention this is because everyone...
  14. ClamChowderrr

    Selling: Kaplan, EK 101 passages, EK 1001 passages, The MCAT book

    ExamKrackers: Brand new: 101 passages pyschology& sociology + 101 passages Biology 1 Biolomolecules $60 for both Barely Used: EK 1001 questions Physic ,Chemistry, and biology $10 for all Kaplan 3rd Edition full set + AAMC guide to the MCAT + Kaplan high yield problems book $60 for all...
  15. P

    taking sociology prereq online

    hi everyone, I am a senior w/ one semester left in college and I won't be able to fit Intro to Sociology in. I really want to apply to Univ of Michigan. Does anyone know whether it would be acceptable to take an Intro to Sociology course online during my gap year?
  16. thenor

    Does sociology count as a non-science for letters of recommendation for med school?

    Hi Everyone, I developed a great relationship with my Intro to Sociology prof, and she enthusiastically agreed to writing me a LOR. Does sociology count as a non-science? I understand that it's a social science course. But we didn't do any actual typical "science" stuff in the class. It felt...
  17. bschooldoc

    Self Study Phyics or Retake?

    So I took AP Physics my sophomore year of High school and got both lab and class credit for Physics I and II. I got conflicting information from two different prehealth advisors about whether I should retake it or not. One advisor told me to retake it to study for the MCAT and ensure I can apply...
  18. I

    Psychology or Sociology first?

    Should a premed student take Psychology or Sociology first? I enrolled in Psychology for this current semester but dropped it after 3 classes because the professor kept saying "as you all remember from your sociology class" so it made me confused. Now I'm not sure if I need to do Sociology first...
  19. B

    Psych/socio AAMC official section bank

    Going for the jan 28 mcat. So I spent 3 months going over the Kaplan/nextstep mcat content reviews and did a bunch of fl/qbanks. I scored well on the official aamc section banks in all section except psych/socio. There are all these terms and concepts that I've never seen, not on kaplan, not on...
  20. B

    Self-teaching sociology?

    Hey all, I'm planning on taking the MCAT at the end of this summer. The only pre-reqs I have left are Organic II (taking in the spring), Biochem I (taking in a summer intersession), and Sociology. I wanted to take Sociology online during the spring, but the class filled up before I could...
  21. H

    wanted TBR - psychology and or biology (for new MCAT)

    If any one has these books for sale, please let me know. I'm about to purchase them but will wait. Thanks, Laura (Also, this is most likely not the place to post this, but does anyone know the name of a good college text for sociology. And maybe one for pyschology. something older that I...
  22. SiakTiDoc

    Tips for Chem/Phys and Psy/Soc?

    These are my worse subjects and was hoping for advice on how to raise my score. (Test day is January 28) Plans Chem/Phys: I've been reviewing my weaker subjects through content review, but I don't think this is effective and I'm running out of time. I'm planning on just doing the AAMC question...
  23. joe7456

    Selling 2015 TPR Science Workbook & NS Psych/Soc. practice book!

    Like New 2015 TPR Science Workbook- 100$+shipping. Like New 2015 Next Step Psychology & Sociology Strategy & Practice-20$+shipping. Absolutely No writing or highlighting in these books. The TPR has 100s of passages. NS has 40 passages. PM me or text/call to purchase.
  24. C

    PhD in sociology and transitioning to health research: Mental health, psychology, or public health?

    Hi everyone, I am about to complete my PhD in sociology on a topic unrelated to health. The past four years have taught me a few things. First, I really like researching. I genuinely enjoy spending hours of the day scouring through articles, books, and reports and synthesizing them. I also like...
  25. W

    Psych/Soc Courses Required for 2017 Applicants?

  26. J

    Public Health vs Health Communications

    I am debating between these two degrees. I am also interested in Health Journalism which is a concentration within communications. Can anyone provide some explanations about the differences between these fields? If anyone works in either of those fields, can you explain in detail what your job...
  27. D

    MCAT Help Please!!!!

    Hi guys! So I just received my 9/23 scores and I'm nowhere close to where I want to score: 128 CP, 127 CARS, 127 BB, 125 PS Overall: 507 AAMC FL: 80% CP, 81% CARS, 80% BB, 80% PS I had two questions I was hoping to get cleared up. First off, what study tools would you guys recommend to use...
  28. G

    Would you retake these scores?

    format: section: score (percentile) Chemical/Physical Foundations: 129 (93%) Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills: 126 (70%) Biological/Biochemical Foundations: 128 (87%) Psych/Soc (get ready to cringe): 123 (32%) Overall: 506 (71%) The chem and bio scores are amazing, but I got brought down...
  29. B

    MCAT: SN2D + EK 9th + TPR Psych 2015

    -Berkeley Review 2013 (Gen Chem + O-Chem + Biology + Physics) -TPR MCAT Psychology and Sociology Review -EK 8th Ed. Bio -EK 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Prices are negotiable. Can provide a photo of set if requested.
  30. PomiliaAnthony13

    Useful or not?

    As an undergrad, I am currently taking an intro Psychology course as well as a course in Sociology. Owing to the fact that the MCAT now contains sections on Psych. & Soc., I thought that it'd be a good idea to take up these classes. Will this material, only being at intro-level, be useful for...