1. I

    Nontrad, new mom, need advice what path I should pursue/if becoming a doc was worth it to you

    Hey everyone, I am in need of some advice and harsh truth/reality. Background: I am a 30 year old female, newborn son (would be two when I start med school). Helicopter pilot in the Navy currently but getting out soon. I do not want to fly anymore so no matter what I will be making a career...
  2. D

    Peds vs Peds Surgery

    I’ve been torn and going between these two specialities for the past few months and wanted to get some insight or advice. I really enjoy being in the OR. During my surgery clerkship I rotated with gen Surg for a month. I enjoyed being scrubbed in and appreciated every opportunity they gave me to...
  3. optimisticallypassingorgo

    Failed Level 2. Should I still apply this cycle after retaking in 4 weeks? What are my odds of matching?

    What the title says. Scored in low 300s. Will need about a 100 point jump in 4 weeks to pass. Is it feasible? Should I apply to the match this cycle? I'm planning on dual applying Peds/FM. What are the odds I'm able to get into a good Midwestern program?
  4. C

    Pediatrics Competitiveness

    Hi! I’m a 3rd year going on 4th year applying pediatrics, and it’s been hard to get someone to tell me which programs i would be competitive for, was hoping to get some advice here. A ballpark estimate would be just fine! Stats: Mid tier school Masters degree 5/7 Honors: peds, Ob, surg, IM...
  5. N

    Rural Pediatrics

    I recently moved to a small town in rural Southeast US and the patient census is nearly non-existant. I get, on average, five patients a day. Occasionally I have a full eight-hour shift with zero patients. I work for an FQHC, so I don't have any control over who I see - instead, I am just...
  6. S

    Other Pediatric Emergency Medicine Ultrasound fellowship

    Hi guys!! I am one of the pediatric emergency medicine fellows, and I am looking for an ultrasound fellowship. As far as I know, there are 15-17 programs in the U.S. I looked through the website, but they didn't put detailed information on it. My questions are 1. Is there any program that they...
  7. S

    Neonatology (NICU) Fellowship Interview Thread 2022 - 2023

    Hello Everyone, Good luck to everyone applying to a Neonatology fellowship this year! Just like previous years, I wanted to start a thread on the NICU fellowship cycle! Update with which programs you have heard back from for an interview invite with dates. Copy and past the last and add you...
  8. S

    Non-malignant community residencies in NYC?

    Hey everyone -- post-match has got me thinking about residency, and I think it could be a cool experience to do residency in NYC for a few years. That said, I definitely have an interest in outpatient peds (that is, practicing right after residency) and have heard that some of the bigger...
  9. S

    Position Swap PICU PGY-4 top program in Florida looking for swap

    Hi, A PGY-4 position in a top PICU program in Florida is looking to swap for something in the Northeast (preferably NYC/Boston or New England region). DM me if interested
  10. F

    What are my realistic chances for matching into peds?

    Hi future colleagues (hopefully). I am a 3rd yr DO student who has had a terrible experience with medical school thus far. Ive been pretty dead set on doing peds but now worry that my chances are slipping through my fingers, if not already gone. What are the chances for a student with 1...
  11. I

    Psychiatry vs Pediatric Intensive care.

    As the title says I’m interested in both of those fields of study. I know no matter what I will be working with kids since it’s my passion to do so. I know the pros and cons of each. I just can’t decide which. What I like about the PICU is the intensity it gives. it allows for you to work with...
  12. D

    Pediatric dental residency

  13. C

    Pediatrics and Vacation/Time Off

    I get that all doctors have very busy schedules, and I am not expecting to walk into anything less, but in YOUR OPINION is your work/life balance sound as a "typical" physician in pediatrics (Would prefer to hear from peds doctors in a hospital setting instead of somewhere like a private...
  14. C

    Pediatric Hospitals?

    Originally, I was really interested in Emergency Pediatric Medicine, but I have heard so many people basically say "the sky is falling" that it scared me off. (Along with really poor hours for circadian rhythm, and others equating it to 'retail work'. I am not stupid, I know doctors generally...
  15. D

    Pediatric dental residency vs GP

  16. L

    Pediatric dentistry residency at Children's National Hospital in Washington, DC - information about this program?

    Is anyone familiar with this pediatric dental residency program? I did check out their website, AAPD page, and PASS page. I would love to know more about it since I am considering joining this program. Thank you in advance!!
  17. yasah

    Adolescent Medicine Fellowship 2021

    Just starting a forum for adolescent medicine fellowship applicants for 2020-2021 cycle. I might be a little bit late. But, update with who you have heard back from for interview invitations with date. Copy and paste the list and add your updates. Good luck everyone!
  18. A

    Post-Dental school options

    Hi all, I've started my 4th year of dental school and have just started to seriously think about what comes after. I spent a majority of my time in dental school confident that I wanted to be no more than a general dentist, and really had a "C's get degrees" attitude when it came to grades...
  19. T

    How to take blood for paediatric patients?!?!

    I am currently rotating in paediatrics and I’m struggling mightily in performing blood taking/ venepuncture/ iv access on paediatric patient, esp. neonate/ infant/ child who struggles greatly. Any tips? Many thanks.
  20. C

    Incoming Med Student Interested in Pediatrics

    Hello!! I'm an incoming URM M1 at a mid-tier MD school in a large metro area without a robust home pediatrics program but that has a good reputation overall. I am interested in getting a perspective on what I can do early to be a top applicant for a pediatrics residency. I don't necessarily...
  21. W

    HPSP - Risk of GMO tour after Peds Residency? Other Options?

    Hi all, I've been considering HPSP (either army or AF) and military medicine for a while now and find myself drawn to spending a few years serving, especially if it comes with the benefit of paying for my medical school, which is looking at about 85k/year between tuition and living expenses...
  22. J

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Residency

    Hi! I am currently a third year medical student and was wondering if anyone had any insight or information on doing a residency in pediatric emergency medicine. I have previously worked in an ER for two years prior to med school and I have found in med school that I absolutely love peds, but am...
  23. S

    Peds Residencies as a DO

    Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to find information on my chances of getting into some of the more competitive peds residency programs as a DO. Specifically, I’m interested in programs in the DC area, particularly Children’s National. I’m an OMS-III and hoping to get a jump on audition rotation...
  24. W

    Chances of matching into pediatrics with a 202 as a USIMG?

    What are my chances of matching into pediatrics with a 202 as an IMG from Ross? I have not taken step 2 yet and my GPA is average. Additionally any advice on matching is welcomed.
  25. N

    2019-2020 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Application/Interview Thread

    Hello all, I haven't found a forum for PEM application and interview season so I thought it would be wise to start one! It has been radio silence since 7/15, wanna know if it's the same for everyone. :rolleyes:
  26. Doohickey550

    Focus on pediatrics in FM

    I am currently an FM resident and I have a very strong interest in pediatrics. My goal is to try to end up practicing mostly in a pediatric setting after residency. I haven’t really decided on the exact setting that I’d like to be in, but traditionally, I have not really enjoyed working in...
  27. A

    Pediatric Dentistry Residency - Insight

    I'll be applying this upcoming cycle to pedo residency. Any current pedo residents have advice in regards to interviews, matching, application stuff? I'm open to any feedback. Thank you in advance!
  28. T


    Hey tooth-lovers— I wanted your honest opinion on what dental specialty has the best lifestyle to income ratio out of ENDO, PEDO, ORTHO, and OMFS. This factors in income as a specialist, time with family during specialty training and after, and the foreseeable future of the program. So let’s...
  29. Doohickey550

    FM and PEM

    Hi all. I posted this in the FM forum, but someone suggested that I should post it here. Is there a possible pathway from FM to pediatric EM (formally or informally)? Say if I’d do lots of pediatric electives during FM residency and complete an EM fellowship, would pediatric emergency...
  30. M

    Setting up 4th year

    It's time for me to set up my 4th year rotations. At my school we have the freedom to set up the entirety of our 4th year rotations. I am currently a 3rd year DO student who has decided that if all I did for the rest of my life was well child visits and look into kids ears I would be satisfied...
  31. mhmd1ahmd

    Johns Hopkins VS St. Jude children research hospital

    which is better for someone pursuing a pediatrics residency and a fellowship in medical genetics? 1. Two months of research at Johns Hopkins in computational genomics with a very good chance of publishing one paper. 2. One month clinical rotation in pediatrics surgical oncology at St. Jude...
  32. mhmd1ahmd

    Johns Hopkins VS St. Jude children research hospital

    which is better for someone pursuing a pediatrics residency? 1. Two months of research at Johns Hopkins in computational genomics with a very good chance of publishing one paper. 2. One month clinical rotation in pediatrics surgical oncology at St. Jude children research hospital in Tennessee. I...
  33. ResidentSwap

    Position Available Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship in NY

    Featured Opening by Resident Swap, Inc. ( ) -------------------------------------- 12/15/2018 Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship in New York Click here to check if this opening is still available Program Director: Allen J Dozor MD [email protected] (* see below) (914)...
  34. D

    NICU after doing residency at community hospital?

    Hello, USIMG applying for peds. Most of my interviews are at community programs (university affiliated) in the Northeast. Step1:240s Step2: 250s Assuming I’ll have good research and LORs, How much does it matter where I did residency when applying for NICU? Thanks
  35. C

    Child and Adolescent Board Certification Question

    Hello, I am wondering, how important is it to be board certified in child and adolescent psychology (in the state of CA) if almost all of my practicum and internship experiences has been with children and families? I ask because I am currently applying to postdocs and all I need is just a child...
  36. F

    Triple Board Residency- Would anyone be able to tell me of their experience?

    Hi there, Is there anyone who has completed/is currently in a triple board program (peds/adult psych/child psych)? If so, where? How did you go about deciding on triple board? What do most triple boarders end up doing career wise? This is actually my dream residency program. I really interested...
  37. M


    Welcome to the post-ERAS-submission world! Congratulations on getting this far! Let's get this thread started. Stealing this template from the thread from two years ago. 1) Keep the list in the body when you reply. 2) Please sort alphabetically by state. 3) Try to say what school/program you...
  38. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS Florida OT Applicants 2018/2019

    I saw a post like this for Texas so I thought I would do the same for Florida. When you hear back share it with the thread! University: University of Tampa Major: Allied Health Overall GPA: 3.35 - might be slightly lower on OTCAS not sure (3.25 ish on OTCAS?) Pre-Req GPA: 3.3-3.6 (depending on...
  39. D

    PICU Match 2019

    Here we go...first!
  40. B

    Pediatric Dentistry Residency

    Hey everyone. Hoping to get some insight about applying into Pediatric Residencies. I graduated 3 years ago and have been practicing pediatric dentistry in a low-income/medicaid health clinic as a general dentist. Ive taken a ton of CE on peds but its just not enough and I have to refer away a...