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Feb 18, 2013
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Hi all,

I am starting to enter my thousands of backlogged hours (I have been using an Excel file) in Time2Track. However, I am very confused as to how to enter assessment hours, and i'm feeling pretty exasperated at this point :bang: . I would love some feedback on two issues I have been having:

1. For child assessments, how do I enter work I have done with parents? For example, say I am entering assessment measures for a child assessment (e.g., WISC, CTOPP, WJ, etc). However, I have given that child client's mother a BASC-II Parent report (or Connors 3, parent-interview, etc), does that count as administered to a child or an adult? Since the client code is a child but I am working with an adult to gain information. Do I need to create a new client code for their parent, or is there an easier way?

2. I am pretty confused as to how I add integrated reports. Can anybody let me know how to enter an integrated report for a specific client? I know under the "assessments" tab you can click "integrated reports" and enter the total number of reports you have done, but I thought there was a way you could link a client's integrated report with their demographic data, so you can see which specific client took which specific measures.

I hope my questions were clear, I would really appreciate any advice on these matters. Thanks in advance :bow: