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Jun 29, 2016
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Hey everyone,

Just took DAT today and I'm still trying to decide which schools to apply to and was hoping for some input.
Overall GPA: 3.79 Science: 3.81 DAT: AA:21 TS:21 PAT:21

So far I am applying to OSU, WVU, and that's it. I'm trying to research other schools, but would like some input from my peers if you wouldn't mind.


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Depends on what state you live in. Some schools have contracts with each other and consider you similar to an in-state student even though you might be out of state.
Besides this, I think the general rule is to apply to schools most closest to you and with the lowest tuition costs (unless you don't care where you go or if you want a prestigious university). With your above stats alone you could probably get in most schools so just pick some that you can ACTUALLY see yourself attending. No point moving across the country and paying OOS tuition. Personally, I would make my decision based on finance (whatever is cheapest to attend). Again, you can do whatever you want with those stats, your slightly above average on DAT and quite a bit above average on GPA. Also, I would talk with my family members to cement the decision; SDN is essentially a bunch of people who don't know your personal life or circumstances so you should ask family members to know what is right for you. I know that if I moved across the country without my dad's consent he would be super angry :nono: lol.
You have really good stats so I wouldn't apply to more than 10 or so schools if the rest of your app is in order. Find 2-3 safety schools, a few schools in your range, and some reach schools. Make sure you would actually go to any of the schools and be happy living in those areas. I don't think you really need specific school recommendations other than your state school because with your stats you are pretty competitive anywhere and people might try and steer you away from the schools they applied to lol.
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Thank you both for responding! I know I want to go to OSU, but I've heard of students making big mistakes by not applying to enough schools. Sigh, I suppose I ought to look at UPENN and a few others. :)
Applying to only 2 schools is a mistake imo