2016 2017 application cycle

  1. T

    *** 2016-2017 MD/PhD /Waitlist***

    Figured a waitlist thread would be useful DO NOT ERASE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! 1) click reply on the most recent list 2) delete the QUOTE tags on the top and bottom 3) add your user name, (Interview date, waitlist, any other pertinent info, and if needed, add the school name to the list) 4) Enter...
  2. F

    Upstate 2016-2017 HPA and waitlist

    Since I know many of us on the HPA or waitlist for upstate are nervous about it, I created this forum so that we can get a better idea of how big the HPA or waitlsit is and if it starts moving. Please feel free to also post any relevant information in this forum
  3. B

    University of South Alabama DPT 2016-2017 Application Cycle

    Hey guys! I received an interview invitation for South Alabama today. Does anybody know what to expect?
  4. drspacewoman

    No II's in mid-December. How worried should I be?

    Hey everyone, I'd like some honest input about how worried I should be not having and interviews this late in the cycle. cGPA: 3.89/sGPA: 3.97 Psychology major, somewhat nontrad (career path changer - did all prereqs in the last 2 years) MCAT: 510 (127/131/124/128) Over 1500 hours as an ER...
  5. bnaimz94

    DAT Done! Score Breakdown/Study tips

    I took my DAT in August and have been meaning to post a breakdown for a while now. SDN got me through a lot of stress during the study process, so I thought I'd do my part in contributing. -- I'm going to give a breakdown/advice on my studying so keep reading if you're interested (it's going to...
  6. surgeon-to-be

    Residency application status 2016-17

    And so it begins folks! Applications are in, the programs have started their screening process. Please post here if/when you hear back from programs. I would prefer this to be a stress free zone so no scores, no hyper-competitive messages. Please share US grad or FMG or IMG No of programs...
  7. A


    Hey guys, Quick question regarding transcripts. How do you send out a new transcript after your application has been submitted? Thank you!
  8. A

    Do Allopathic consider grade forgiveness when looking at GPA?

    For osteopathic schools I have sGPA 3.53, cGPA 3.54, MCAT 508 but for allopathic schools my application shows sGPA 3.38, cGPA 3.43, and still MCAT 508. **North Carolina student Wondering if anyone has input on my chances allopathic schools will consider grade forgiveness? My first two years of...
  9. Pugmom

    Fello sdners

    Hey everyone, Just took DAT today and I'm still trying to decide which schools to apply to and was hoping for some input. Overall GPA: 3.79 Science: 3.81 DAT: AA:21 TS:21 PAT:21 So far I am applying to OSU, WVU, and that's it. I'm trying to research other schools, but would like some...
  10. L

    AMCAS Mistake: Wrong Contact info in work/activities!

    So I just realized that I made an error in my work and activities section. For two of the contacts, I accidentally put my school email instead of theirs down. I have a phone number that is correct, but the email is so obviously mine- it has my last name and school. This is a huge mistake and was...
  11. beyoutiful_sunshine

    Texas PT Schools App 2016-2017

    In the spirit of 2 other threads that have been of great help, I thought about starting a thread for those applying to PT schools in Texas this upcoming cycle. Stats: University: Sam Houston State University Major: Health Science Overall GPA: 3.93 Science: 3.98 Pre-Req: ~ 3.91-4.0 GRE: 153 V...