dat 2016

  1. A

    Crack DAT reading vs real??

    My DAT is in two weeks and I am still struggling on the reading section...English is not my first language... I am currently using crack the dat for practice and I never scored above a 17! Any advice??? Also, for those who took the DAT already, how is the real DAT compare to CDR?? The passages...
  2. DDental777

    HELP ! Doing better on Dat destroyer then in bootcamp orgo

    Hi my exam is coming up this is mybsecond time taking it Im doing the orgo in the destroyer 2016 and its easier then the BC orgo How should i go about this ??
  3. DDental777

    DAT Exam soon... Any general advice

    Hello everyone I have my dat exam in less then a month this is my second time taking it first time i got Pat 19 QR 16 RC 19 Bio 16 Chem 19 Ogro 21 AA 18 TS 18 Gpa 3.5 Did not even get interview First time all i used was the destroyer and had a weak bio foundation For this tome around i have...
  4. B

    Destroyer GC/Bootcamp GC/Chad's videos

    I've watched all of chad's videos and done the quizzes, thought I was doing well until I started doing destroyer GC problems....:lame: I'm now rewatching Chad's videos& redoing the quizzes but I don't feel like they are helping out much. I've also been practicing with bootcamp, which is near the...
  5. B

    Reading Comprehension... any advice?

    So I've been struggling finding RC practice besides bootcamp. Has anybody tried CDP RC section? is it any good?! I'm currently reading scientific articles everyday to improve my comprehension and timing skills, I've also done TopScore and trying different strategies. English isn't my first...
  6. B

    Reading Comprehension and full length exams???????????

    Hey guys, I am having a hard time finding sources to help me with practicing for RC section of the DAT. I'm also wondering where I could find full length practice exams? I currently have the 2007 and 2009 exams but thats about it :( Thank you!
  7. B

    Gen Chem+ Orgo... Chad's Videos, DAT Coursesaver, or Chemistryprep?

    I have noticed that Chad's videos on his free website are too long and there is so many of them...whereas on DAT coursesaver there's fewer videos... and then there is chemistryprep.com which is chad's videos with paid subscription.... which would help me out more with studying for ochem and...
  8. Tallon

    DAT 2016 questions

    Took the DAT noticed they had some questions that were straight up wrong. What do I do?
  9. M

    Canadian considering American Dental School

    Hi Everyone, I am currently a third year undergrad Canadian student who wishes to apply to both Canadian and American schools to maximize my chances. However, while researching about American schools, I am a little overwhelmed by the number of American schools and its application process. If...
  10. A

    DAT scores

    Hey guys. I'm feeling really discouraged about my DAT scores and I'm so conflicted right now about retaking it :( Just wondering if you guys think I have a chance at Canadian schools with these scores: RC 17 :arghh: BIO 22 CHEM 18 TS 20 AA 19 PAT 20 Thanks
  11. C

    2 Days till my DAT

    Am I ready based off my practice tests scores?
  12. H

    How I cracked the DAT without spending a single penny on test prep

    Hi guys, I just took the DAT today, and boy am I glad its over! I wanted to share with you how I did on it without spending a SINGLE PENNY on test prep (I am a poor graduate student, so its not like I had the money anyway :) ) Here is what I used for studying/practice: 1. Biology- Notes from...
  13. H


    Hello I took my DAT last week and thinking about retaking it. So I was wondering which scores i need to improve on and by how much should bring them up thanks PAT 17 QR 15 RC 20 GC 26 BIO 18 OC 20 TS 20 AA 20
  14. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win a free DAT 4-book set from Gold Standard!

    Win the DAT 4-book set developed by the Gold Standard DAT team of authors and editors with academic degrees in dentistry, medicine and the arts as well as Ivy League dental students with exceptional DAT scores (AA: 27). Our DAT books cover the most essential subjects and topics tackled in the...
  15. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win free DAT Practice Tests from Gold Standard!

    Grab your chance to win 2 full-length DAT practice tests - developed by the Gold Standard DAT team with over 25 years of experience in exam preparation. Our full-length practice tests are online-based (no software program to download), and they mimic the format and question style of the real...
  16. A

    DAT Breakdown 9/8/16 (w/ practice scores)

    Took the DAT today! I looked at so many other peoples posts to get an idea where I stood before I took it so I figured it might be helpful to other people. I would say I'm a pretty average pre-dental student. I studied for 10 weeks 5-8 hours a day 5-6 times a week. I took some days off...
  17. T

    2016 Kaplan DAT lesson, review book , flash cards, quick sheets entire Brand new package

    Hi, hope all is well. I am selling a brand new package of 2016 Kaplan DAT Online prep course materials (BRAND NEW (in their original wrapped packages) books and Flashcards!!-I paid $1499 for the entire course. Excellent and comprehensive resources! 1. Kaplan DAT Review Notes: comprehensive...
  18. H

    DAT scores - think I'll get interviews?

    Hey everyone. I just took my DAT and got my unofficial score report: PAT 17 QR 20 RC 25 BIO 23 CHEM 21 ORG 18 TS 20 AA 21 Okay so I'm not too happy about my PAT or ORG but I honestly didn't practice PAT at all so that was my fault. My nsGPA is 3.99 and my sGPA is 4.0. I'm curious if my...
  19. A


    Can somebody post what strategy worked for them for them for pattern folding and tfe like anything that could help me in order to become decent
  20. A

    DAT Breakdown (AA26 OC30, GC30, TS27 PAT 21)!

    Hiiiiii, I recently created this account to share my story. I used the DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer. I did the DAT destroyer 4 times and the Math Destroyer 2 times! Those books were so thorough and I would recommend them to anyone! If anyone has any other questions please let me know! I am...
  21. B

    DAT Breakdown

    I took the DAT a few weeks ago - July 29th, 2016 - and I figured I'd post my thoughts. Here is a breakdown of my scores: Biology: 20 Gen. Chem: 21 Org. Chem: 26 PAT: 19 RC: 20 QR: 22 TS: 21 AA: 22 What I did to prepare: I began studying for the DAT about 6 weeks before test day, and mostly...
  22. I

    DAT score sending

    Hi, I am gonna be a junior next year but I took DAT today. When I applied for the DAT, I mistakenly clicked "send the scores to all the schools". And I did pretty bad today. So my scores are sent to all the schools now even I didn't apply? will they keep a record of it and influence my future...
  23. C

    IS NH2 more basic than CH2?

    I know basicity goes <---- this way so the least electronegative the stronger base but one of chads quizzes there was an exception where the NH2 was more basic than c triple bond SO I WAs wondering if its same for all N compared to C
  24. T

    How I Got a 24 AA in Less Than 2 Months

  25. A


    Hey guys, I was wondering when do you know that you are fully ready to take the DAT say your target score is a 20AA should you be averaging this score on boot camp to know your ready for the actual thing. Please I feel its killing me on the inside not knowing if I am ready or not.
  26. R

    retake- yay or nay? 07.27.16

    Hey guys! Just finished my DAT today and I don't know how to feel about my scores. Here's my Breakdown, in order of how the test went: Bio - 20 GC - 21 OC - 20 PAT - 19 RC- 17 QR - 16 TS - 20 AA-19 I guess after my 30 min break, I just dropped the ball and got a 17 in RC and 16 in QR...
  27. T

    DAT Destroyer

    Dear Dental Community, Hope all is well. 1. I would like to buy recent DAT Destroyers for cheap, please let me know if you are selling them 2. I have a full-time job and would like to ask for a study schedule for DAT studying 3. What are the best resources/study materials for DAT? Any coupon...
  28. A


    Hey guys I wanted to seek your opinion on supplementing cliffs with "Kaplan MCAT Biology Review Second Edition" has anybody tried this and succeeded by doing so for the biology section. In my opinion I am just finding cliffs to dry!
  29. A

    Picking A Time For the DAT

    Hey guys, I wanted to seek your guys opinion on this should I schedule my time for the morning or afternoon, I am indifferent about it because I have taken exams in undergrad in the late afternoon around 6 p.m but being so late I tend to have gotten bit more nervous but was comfortable in the...
  30. A


    Hey guys I was wondering I wanted to get some extra pat practice and was going to get cdp but then i taught why not just get dat genius for around the same price and have science and pat exams to study i have bootcamp as well should i do this and get genius instead of cdp is it helpful in pat?
  31. Pugmom

    Fello sdners

    Hey everyone, Just took DAT today and I'm still trying to decide which schools to apply to and was hoping for some input. Overall GPA: 3.79 Science: 3.81 DAT: AA:21 TS:21 PAT:21 So far I am applying to OSU, WVU, and that's it. I'm trying to research other schools, but would like some...
  32. R

    Should I retake the DAT again?

    I am a dental hygienist of 8 years. My overall GPA is a 3.3 and TS 3.3. I know that is low but my current coursework (bio 1&2, chem 1&2, physics, ochem, and biochem) is a 3.9 GPA. That was over the past year while working part time as a hygienist. Also, I have a baby and a 5 year old. I hope...
  33. dlishiz22

    Best DAT prep materials?? RE-TAKE

    Hi everyone! So I took my first DAT today and here was my breakdown: AA: 19 Bio: 17 (wtf) GC: 19 OC: 20 TS: 18 PAT: 19 RC: 23 QR: 17 I've decided to retake b/c obviously the BIO and I want to get into UIC Dental. Im studying Biochem at UIC currently but omfg dental is super competitive...
  34. collegebraceface

    DAT Breakdown! AA:24

    Hey there! Just took my DATs today and I wanted to share my thoughts and personal experience before I happily forget about it all. My Scores: PAT: 22 QR:23 RC:21 Biology: 26 GC: 22 OC: 27 TS: 24 AA: 24 Study Time: 7 weeks...consistently 8-12 hours per day. I would actually recommend 5-6 weeks...
  35. J

    DAT Bio Review

    Im currently study for the DAT and I know that the bio section is very broad and random. Im using AP Bio Cliff Notes 3rd edition and Kaplan BB to help study for the bio section. However, I am not sure that it is enough. Is there any other good resources to use? Is Barrons AP bio worth getting or...
  36. W

    Advice on DAT Scores

    Hey guys! So I just took my DAT today, and I'm bummed about my QR and GC scores, as they brought down my AA. I was average/decent in everything else. I've always struggled with math on standardized tests, and it didn't help that I was SUPER nervous.. like to the point where I couldn't eat or...
  37. J

    DAT BREAKDOWN 6/29/16 - Materials review and Thoughts

    I survived!!! Ok guys, I know my scores aren't the highest you're going to see on here, but I wanted to do a breakdown anyways. I know how I looked at a ton of breakdowns before I took my DAT and I know I got a little something different from each one, so I hope this helps! First off, my...
  38. M

    HELP with Math Destroyer

    Hi everyone, I am using the DAT/MATH destroyer books and have a question. Does anybody else find some of the explanations in the MATH destroyer to not be very efficient? If anybody is using the 2016 edition please let me know. It does not seem that these explanations have nearly as many...
  39. R

    About To Apply Need Advice please!!

    Hello everyone this is my first time in this website i would like to apply to dental schools this cycle would like to know what you guys think i should do My gpa is 3.5 , science gpa 3.2 , dat:AA 18 Ts 18 Pat19 Rc19 Qr16 genchem19 bio16 orgo21 My question is should i apply with these...
  40. Dental_Dude

    DAT scores 2016 Chances?

    Hello, I took the DAT 6-16-16. I submitted my application right after I took the DAT. My GPA just got verified today and I am still waiting for my DAT scores to show up. My APP should be sent out to my school within the next 2 weeks. What are my chances? Here is a list of the schools that I...