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  1. Do the fellowship IM subspecialties like GI, nephro, pulm, get killed on call, even during fellowship? How about after fellowship, how's the lifestyle? Is there time for a life outside of medicine, to be with family, give back to the community, ect, while still making a salary that can be lived on? (I figure around 200K, maybe a little higher, should be fine to pay off loans (gonna be 1500 a month for 30 years), drive nice, reliable cars like honda accords, live in a nice house, and start saving for college) I've been looking at the surgical subspecialties (ENT, optho, uro) for the above reasons, but also have been considering stuff like GI, allergy, nephro, pulm. Now, I know that even though they have much better schedules than gen surg - ENT, optho, and uro still get their share of call, and surgery is surgey, it can be grueling even after you finish residency. And even though people say "it's only 6 years" of residency, well guess what, 6 years is a long friggin time! Thanks.
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    200K/year and driving an Accord? You can do better than that....

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