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Jul 21, 2003
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how comprehensive is this book as far as content for step I? it seems to be very popular. does it have EVERYTHING we would need to knoow for step I, again as far as content? any feedback about the book...do you like it, love it, hate it, etc?

thanks in advance.


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Nov 11, 2002
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If you go to the website valuemd.com, there's actually a poll concerning this very question. The leading response, last time I checked, I think, was 60-80%. But I think it has to be understood that this figure only means that it is mentioned in First Aid and not necessarily that it would be sufficient to answer questions beyond simple recall.

For that I think you have to either already know the material well enough from med school or relearn it (if you never really learned it in the first place) using subject review books.


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Apr 6, 2000
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Assuming you learned everything well in the first 2 years of medschool and went to a good school that taught you the right things...............First Aid and Qbank are the overwhelmingly popular and encouraged prep sources for step 1.

we polled third years after the test for the last several years and OVERWHELMINGLY.....the advice was "if i had to do it over again what would you change?

Answer: Do first aid and questions over and over and over and over and over.

I've looked into many websites from other schools such as VCU, UTMB, and several others I can't remember and the advice from upper classmen seems to always be you MUST know FIRST AID at a minimum and do tons of questions!



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Jul 21, 2003
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As you can see from my other posts my preparation was brief and the main thing I used was First Aid- i would say know that throughly and you'll be fine! Good luck.
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