For all those who havent taken the DAT, Have you submitted?

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Jun 21, 2010
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Im taking the DAT august 5th, and my application is done but I'm sitting here debating if it is even worth to send it in now. Money is kinda of tight so if I submitted now I would be living pretty frugal, while later would be much more relaxed.

So is even significant to turn in now?

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You should submit your application as soon as possible. Although your app won't be complete at least you can get a head start on the process time and mailing time. If you are confident in your application, I would send it in now and make sure I ace the DAT on Aug. Good luck.
As long as you have your app finished and don't need to make any changes you should definitely submit now. It takes them several weeks to verify your GPA before they can send it out so you might was well submit it now. I submitted last week and am taking the DAT July 24th.