Submitted my Committee letter, but an individual letter is missing

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Oct 25, 2019
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According to my AADSAS application website, all my schools show Received/Under Review. My committee letter was received a long time ago, consisting of 3 science professors, one research professor, and one dentist. However, my individual letter from my community manager is still missing. I already contacted them, but they have disappeared. They may return in the future, but will this missing letter hold my application from being reviewed despite having a committee letter?

I will keep the letter request for the missing letter there, but it bothers me every time I check my application. I don't want this missing letter to sit there, which may put my application on hold. Instead, I would delete the letter request and request it again when my community manager returns.

For now, I will assume the committee letter will be reviewed regardless of the missing extra letter because it checks all the requirements from every school. I have heard stories of schools putting applications on hold because of a missing letter, but that was because it was required. In my case, my committee letter completes my requirements, but that extra letter worries me.

edit: Alright. Thinking a bit deeper, this was just me overstressing out at midnight. Schools will most likely just check my committee letter. I will update my what happens though depending on what happens for future applicants.

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