Forgot Course # on Course ID on AMCAS! OOPS

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Jan 30, 2010
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So, my AMCAS is submitted and verified. I looked over it and realized that for 2 course that i took, i forgot to include the course #. stupid me!

Like instead of MCDB 100...i put MCDB.

my AMCAS is verified and they didn't make the changes.

should i call AMCAS to ask them to add it?

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unless you screwed up a grade, i would leave it be. it's verified and not a big deal. appealing might delay your app.
Wait, how are you supposed to record the course number? I just put the number alone, I didn't include the 3-4 letters in front of it.

E.g. For English 100, I wrote "100" in course # instead of "ENGL 100."

Is my way correct? Because you already select the subject from the drop down menu, so do we still have to put the ENGL part in front?