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  1. surgeonhopeful98

    Rutgers Newark MBS vs Case Western MSMP

    Hi! I was just accepted into Case Western's MSMP program and Rutgers - Newark MS in biomedical sciences and was wondering if anyone who has completed either program can give their advice on picking one or pros and cons on both. Im looking to matriculate into med school and I know Case western...
  2. L

    Does Cal Poly San Luis Opisbo offer a post bacc for pre-health?

    Hi there, Wanted to make sure because I've found some conflicting information online, they mention post-baccs on their site, but I don't know if they actually offer one themselves. I know it's a great school so it's a pity if they don't
  3. R

    HELP: Clinical experience vs post-bacc for gap years?

    Hello, I'm a current senior looking to take 2 gap years. Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances and poor planning, I bombed quite a few classes during my sophomore year --- a no-pass for Orgo I, C in Biochem I, and C+ in a Development/Behavior class. Retook the Orgo and Biochem...
  4. jyy3gx

    DIY post bacc at 4 year college as non degree seeking student vs UC Berkeley Extension

    Hello, is there anyone here who has done a DIY post bacc through UCBx? I just have to take a few pre reqs right now, and I am trying to decide to do them either at a local 4 year college as a non degree seeking student or at UCBx. I am worried that I won't be able to get into the classes that I...
  5. P


  6. jyy3gx

    Post bacc programs for "In-betweeners"?

    Hello I am an "ex-premed" who did premed and computer engineering until my 2nd year and now after graduating want to go back and prepare for med school. After some days of research, I have found out that most schools only have career-changers or career-enhancers programs, and I couldn't find...
  7. jyy3gx

    Best Choice for a "Ex-Premed" Recent Computer Engineering Graduate

    Hello, I am a "ex-premed", who majored in Computer Engineering. I graduated last year (class of 2020) and have been working as an engineer/research assistant at a national research institute. I recently decided that engineering really isn't the way for me and want to go back and prepare for...
  8. F

    Best plan for gap year?

    Hello there! So I applied this cycle for dental school and have not heard back from any schools. I only applied to 4 because I was new to the process, but I am planning on applying to more this coming cycle. I was looking for programs that would take my DAT scores and not the GRE. My question...
  9. AccountingtoMD

    Northwestern University (NU/NWU) Post Bacc Pre-Medical Application Process Information/AMA

    When I started looking for Post Baccalaureate Programs there was stark lack of information on the programs I was interested in. Hopefully this post can help someone. I only applied to one school, Northwestern University, because it was my favorite of the Post Baccs I researched. It has very...
  10. jt1906

    UGA Online Masters of Comparative Biomedical Science 2021

    Hey guys. I don’t know if anybody on here is looking for this but wanted to start a thread for prospective students and admitted students. The program is very new so I figured it would be nice to start a thread to get information out there.
  11. bananabag

    Post Bac CAS CV/Resume vs. Experiences

    Hi all! I'm current applying to post baccalaureate pre-med programs on the Postbac CAS and I have a question about experiences and our CV/Resume. I understand we're required to fill our the experiences and upload a CV/resume. I, however, don't quite understand the difference. Is it acceptable...
  12. K

    Difficulty of JHU Post-Bacc program?

    I am currently a 4th year student at Boston University majoring in Math & CS with a 3.3 GPA, I have taken almost none of the required med-school pre-reqs. My question is in regards to the difficulty of the JHU Pre-Med program. From what I've read, the program is designed to weed out a lot of...
  13. drhong

    How do D.O. schools calculate GPA? Am I screwed?

    OK I am very worried. My undergrad GPA is a 2.99ish. I feel angry at myself that I wanted to be Dr. the last minute. Even if I do a career change post-bacc with 43-46 credits and get around 3.7 to 4.0 GPA, it will only bring up my GPA to 3.1 to 3.2 ish, which is still pretty bad. My question is...
  14. L

    Choosing DIY Post Bacc in CUNY

    Posting for the first time as I am about to officially start my journey to become a Physician as a 31 year Old Non-Trad. First step is to choose a college to take all the prerequisites. Looking for advice from current or former CUNY students as to which school i should choose. I am currently...
  15. M

    Help deciding between post-baccalaureate and a MAMS type program

  16. O

    California Pre-Dental Post bacc's Advice

    2.9 GPA from UW Seattle, haven't taken DAT yet but will before I graduate. Figured the low gpa will hinder my chances of getting in so I was looking into post-baccs back home - California. Any suggestions for post bacc's in California with a good record of their pre-dental students gaining...
  17. F

    Should I continue?

    Hi, I’m a non-traditional pre-med student, and I would like to know if it’s possible to have a chance to get into an MD or DO program with my academic record. I have 14 class withdrawals due to one of my parents being very sick and hospitalized during my sophomore year. Almost all of my...
  18. J

    Loyola Marymount PostBacc University

    Hey! I recently applied to Loyola Marymount Post Bacc in California. Has anyone heard back from the program? Has anyone matriculated? Any feedback on the program?
  19. MoonQuail


  20. P

    UF PHPB advice/experience

    Has anyone applied to and received a decision from UF’s pre-health post bacc program? I submitted in August and everything verified September 19th and I’m nervous about not getting any sort of response yet.
  21. P

    Non Trad WAMC Post bacc?!

    Greetings, I’m needing some advice on how to move forward! Background- I’ve always had my eyes set on medical school! I was in foster care as a kid so when finishing high school I went straight to CC, trying to figure out working paying rent and going to school was rough while also having my...
  22. S

    Advice! part-time EMT or CNA jobs (postbacc student)

    Hey all! First post here! I'm a career-changing/non-trad applicant. I graduated 2 years ago with a business degree and have since realized - through volunteering and shadowing - that medicine is the field I want to be in. I was working at a marketing firm and taking night classes until a...
  23. Cosmicv1bes

    Seeking advice

    Hello friends! I hope you are all having a great day. After searching a long time on SDN and Reddit for people in a similar situation, I think my story is different enough to warrant its own post. I am an ORM and I applied to DO schools in 2016, but I graduated with a poor gpa (~3.0 both sGPA...
  24. A

    Help with SMP/MD acceptances

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to gain some feedback regarding SMP programs. I browse enough threads on here and figured it was just time I posted my own. I currently have a undergrad + post bacc cGPA of 3.1 as per the aamc scale. I am hoping to have a 3.14 by the end of the fall sem and a 3.18 at...
  25. Big Tall Doctor

    Advice on my DIY post bacc

    Sorry I posted this in a different forum,but didn't know how to move it. I've decided to invest in myself and pursue classes at Sacramento State. However, because I will not be going for a degree, I will only be able to crash classes utilizing Open University. I was pretty sketched out at first...
  26. E

    Formal or informal post-bacc?

    Hi guys! I just graduated from college this year with a 3.46 oGPA 3.2 BCP 3.4 sGPA, and a DAT of 25AA/24TS/25PAT. Given my stats, would it be more worthwhile to do a formal post-bacc program or an informal one at a nearby college to boost my GPA? If I were to do an informal post-bacc, would it...
  27. A

    Insight on Best Route to Take

    Hello! I am a recent graduate from a mid tier liberal arts college, and hold a B.S. in Biology and a Psychology minor. Throughout undergrad, I had hoped to apply directly to medical school, but my GPA is slightly lower than competitive (cGPA: 3.37). My extracurriculars are competitive, however...
  28. K


  29. P

    Doubting myself

    Hello all! I am currently taking some post bacc courses as I have a degree in anthropology and a second one in primate behavior and ecology. I specifically chose to go that route to avoid STEM classes, but now becoming a physician developed into a burning passion, I realized I made some...
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  31. H

    University of Florida Post-Bacc

    has anyone done the UF post bacc program (UF PHPB) or know anyone who has done it? I've been accepted to the program, but there seem to be very few reviews since the program is relatively new (2014).
  32. S

    Low undergrad GPA (3.13). What are my post-bacc options??

    Hi everyone. I could really use some help. I started off college with an undergrad GPA of 3.6, but that GPA has gone down now to a 3.13. I was in a very toxic relationship that lead to major depression, and because of this I am currently on a leave of absence from my college. When I get back, I...
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  34. W

    2019-2020 Vanderbilt MS in Biomedical Sciences Program

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to SDN but I wanted to make a thread for the Vandy Masters of Sciences in Biomedical Sciences because I haven't seen one on here yet! I just recently accepted their offer of admission, and I am curious if anyone in the community is also going to be attending the...
  35. Python Forever

    Using CC Humanities Classes to Increase Workload Post-Bacc?

    As a full-time nontrad student, I believe I'm expected to take 30+ units per academic year (since I won't be working full-time) not including summers, or at least that's what I read on SDN. If so, I'm looking to split that to 24 units science, and 6 units humanities. Is it ok if I take the 6...
  36. C

    SMP, post bacc, or DO?

  37. D

    Agnes Scott 2019 - 2020

    Hey wanted to start this thread for anyone applying for the Agnes Scott post-bacc program or who was accepted! (I was accepted but looking for some more details before deciding) Also any students who finished the program within the past five years, what were your impressions of the program?
  38. D

    Advice on my prerequisite dilemma

    Hello all. So I did lots of searching and found some pretty helpful threads but wanted more clarification on my specific situation. I can't remember which thread it was, but a pretty knowledgeable poster commented that you should take these courses where you would perform the best. Having...
  39. F

    Low GPA, Peace Corps Volunteer, Post-bacc Advice?

    Hey guys, still kinda new to this so please bear with me. I graduated in 2015 with a b.s. in public health from an accredited Southern California university. College, for me, was a gigantic party and looking back, I was very lucky to have graduated in the first place. I barely graduated with...
  40. N

    POSTBACC /masters for LOW GPA (UCSF, SFSU)

    Can anyone that has been accepted to a postbacc or masters with low GPAs, especially from UCSF or SFSU's postbacc program post their stats? I have an extremely low GPA, ~2.75, pre-dental. I do however have plenty of internship/shadowing/dental-club/leadership experience that I am hoping will...