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  1. nakdolski

    Do I have a chance of getting into a Masters?

    Currently pursuing a CS major at a respected university (top 40) with 72 credits completed, I've had a change of heart towards dentistry. After 2+ years of mental health issues and acting like an idiot I’ve completely bombed my GPA.(2 flat) I’m currently in the middle of a 2 year leave of...
  2. scrublord

    Johns Hopkins vs. Bryn Mawr Post Bacc

    Hello, so I was very fortunate to have been accepted to both of these programs. But I am having an impossible time choosing. Background I was a Computer Science and Data Science major, and worked as a software engineer. I have physics and both these programs confirmed that I don't have to take...
  3. scwahl96

    PBPM 2024-2025

    Hello there, all! Starting up the thread for those that will be attending career changer PBPM programs this Spring (2024 - 2025 cohorts). I would love to hear where everyone has applied to / been accepted to / committed to! Right now, I have an acceptance to Hopkins and am planning to attend...
  4. wannabedocmath

    Formal vs DIY Post Bacc

    I know this question has been explored here before but I was looking to get advice unique to my situation. I recently graduated from a T10 university with a degree in math (cGPA: 3.61, BCPM: 3.42 (two Cs in theoretical math courses)). I need to fulfill my pre-med reqs so I applied to some...
  5. A

    Chance of top career changer postbac programs w/o shadowing

    Hi all, I was a computer science major in college and I'm applying to Bryn Mawr, Scripps, and Goucher for my career change plans. I have a decent undergrad GPA (over 3.9) and okay SAT score (verbal 710, math 800). I have some volunteering experience in hospitals and senior homes, but I won't...
  6. P

    WAMC 2023 cycle - Post Bacc while dental assisting vs SMP?

    Date of submission: Overall GPA: 3.2 Science GPA: 3.0 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 2.85 DAT score (include AA and all sections): Planning on taking the DAT in July. State of Residence: Georgia Undergrad Attended: Major: Biology Minor: Minority? No Reapplicant? No Nontrad? No Shadowing Experience...
  7. FunFacts2023

    27yo in Texas want to be a future surgeon, do I stand a chance?

    I've dived deep into the forum for about half a year now, thanks for all the info and sharing. I thought maybe I can post my background and seek some advice. Background: Education: Bachelor of Architecture (5y GPA 3.77) + Master of Architecture (GPA 3.64)+ Master of Computer Science (GPA 3.83)...
  8. N

    Non Trad - Next Steps and Being Efficient

    Hello SDNers, I am making the shift from finance to medicine. I graduated with a 2.95 cGPA, little to no science classes taken, and 132 credits earned. I performed poorly in my freshman year, but was on the Executive Dean's List by the time I graduated. I wanted to do a formal post-bacc but...
  9. V

    Need help planning my next few years

    Context: I am a computer science major at a lesser-known 4-year state school. I completed 6 semesters (3 years) at this college before I was diagnosed with cancer last August. I had a mediastinal NSGCT in my right lung and my oncologist told me I had a 40-45% percent chance of survival. Really...
  10. W

    Should I pursue a Post Bacc?

    Hello, I am currently in my undergrad with plans of graduating this next Fall. It's looking like I am going to graduate with an oGPA of 2.9. I know I am capable of so much more but unfortunately went through a tough time during my undergrad with multiple difficult family times along the way. I...
  11. G

    Duke MBS 2022-2023

    Hey y'all, making this thread for this years cohort. Feel free to post any updates on applications or thoughts on the program! Good luck!
  12. W

    Post Bac

    Posting this in case anyone is ever interested in applying to post bac programs or in the midst of the application process and has questions. Feel free to DM me even if it’s years after this is posted. Interviewed and got accepted at UVA, Bryn Mawr, and Goucher in the 2020-2021 admissions cycle...
  13. M

    Drexel pathway to medical school - DPMS

    Hi, I’m making this thread because I couldn’t find any RECENT AND NEW forums about DPMS, everything was 10+ years ago. I’m really interested in this program but I would love to get some feedback from anyone who knows anything about it, or previously/currently attending? Is the program good...
  14. S

    Is this a decent DIY post bacc plan?

    Hi everyone! I just joined the forums, though I've been lurking for a little while. I am an aspiring non-traditional medical student--currently I am active duty Army, and am looking at possibly having about 5 years left in, 4 of which might be in the Austin, TX area. I'm 28, married with a 1...
  15. aquamist

    Nontrad Prerequisites

    I'm a nontraditional student (finished both undergrad and my MPH at UC Berkeley, currently working in health tech), and I'm currently working to take post-bacc prereqs (ones I haven't taken before...they're not for academic enhancement purposes). I have to take a year of gen chem, a year of o...
  16. A

    DIY post bacc help!

    Hey guys so I have some question about my situation and DIY post bacc. Graduated from a T10 with a 3.34 cumulative gpa and 3.01 BCPM gpa. I am looking to do a DIY post bacc this year for gpa repair. Decided to do a DIY post bacc taking upper level science courses at a local SUNY state school...
  17. H

    Full post bacc or apply Spring 2022

    I am hoping for some advice regarding how to proceed. I am a non-traditional applicant trying to chart the most sensible course towards medical school. At this juncture, my main question is whether or not I should take a year of post bacc classes, or if I should take a few this semester and...
  18. S

    Post Bacc GPAs of acceptance??

    Hello! I am an undergraduate student at Emory University interested in applying to post bacc programs.. I am only interested in one year programs that have linkages available. Some of these programs include: -Goucher -Bryn Mawr -Tufts -Northwestern -UVA -Scripps -GW or Georgetown (if they...
  19. auoz1

    UC Davis Post Bacc - Personal Statement Questions

    Hello, I just joined this forum and would like to ask for some help with a writing assignment. I was wondering if anyone who has applied to the UC Davis Pre-Med Post-Bac program before, would be willing to share what questions were asked for the personal essays? I am working on a personal...
  20. M


  21. M


  22. D

    UCLA extension vs UC San Diego Extension

    Wondering about some of the differences between taking classes at UCLA vs UCSD. Which has classes that are easier to get into? Are the class sizes generally the same? Out of San Diego and Los Angeles, which area would you recommend?
  23. S

    Rutgers Newark MBS vs Case Western MSMP

    Hi! I was just accepted into Case Western's MSMP program and Rutgers - Newark MS in biomedical sciences and was wondering if anyone who has completed either program can give their advice on picking one or pros and cons on both. Im looking to matriculate into med school and I know Case western...
  24. D

    Does Cal Poly San Luis Opisbo offer a post bacc for pre-health?

    Hi there, Wanted to make sure because I've found some conflicting information online, they mention post-baccs on their site, but I don't know if they actually offer one themselves. I know it's a great school so it's a pity if they don't
  25. R

    HELP: Clinical experience vs post-bacc for gap years?

  26. jyy3gx

    DIY post bacc at 4 year college as non degree seeking student vs UC Berkeley Extension

    Hello, is there anyone here who has done a DIY post bacc through UCBx? I just have to take a few pre reqs right now, and I am trying to decide to do them either at a local 4 year college as a non degree seeking student or at UCBx. I am worried that I won't be able to get into the classes that I...
  27. P


  28. jyy3gx

    Post bacc programs for "In-betweeners"?

    Hello I am an "ex-premed" who did premed and computer engineering until my 2nd year and now after graduating want to go back and prepare for med school. After some days of research, I have found out that most schools only have career-changers or career-enhancers programs, and I couldn't find...
  29. jyy3gx

    Best Choice for a "Ex-Premed" Recent Computer Engineering Graduate

    Hello, I am a "ex-premed", who majored in Computer Engineering. I graduated last year (class of 2020) and have been working as an engineer/research assistant at a national research institute. I recently decided that engineering really isn't the way for me and want to go back and prepare for...
  30. F

    Best plan for gap year?

    Hello there! So I applied this cycle for dental school and have not heard back from any schools. I only applied to 4 because I was new to the process, but I am planning on applying to more this coming cycle. I was looking for programs that would take my DAT scores and not the GRE. My question...
  31. AccountingtoMD

    Northwestern University (NU/NWU) Post Bacc Pre-Medical Application Process Information/AMA

    When I started looking for Post Baccalaureate Programs there was stark lack of information on the programs I was interested in. Hopefully this post can help someone. I only applied to one school, Northwestern University, because it was my favorite of the Post Baccs I researched. It has very...
  32. jt1906

    UGA Online Masters of Comparative Biomedical Science 2021

    Hey guys. I don’t know if anybody on here is looking for this but wanted to start a thread for prospective students and admitted students. The program is very new so I figured it would be nice to start a thread to get information out there.
  33. bananabag

    Post Bac CAS CV/Resume vs. Experiences

    Hi all! I'm current applying to post baccalaureate pre-med programs on the Postbac CAS and I have a question about experiences and our CV/Resume. I understand we're required to fill our the experiences and upload a CV/resume. I, however, don't quite understand the difference. Is it acceptable...
  34. K

    Difficulty of JHU Post-Bacc program?

    I am currently a 4th year student at Boston University majoring in Math & CS with a 3.3 GPA, I have taken almost none of the required med-school pre-reqs. My question is in regards to the difficulty of the JHU Pre-Med program. From what I've read, the program is designed to weed out a lot of...
  35. drhong

    How do D.O. schools calculate GPA? Am I screwed?

    OK I am very worried. My undergrad GPA is a 2.99ish. I feel angry at myself that I wanted to be Dr. the last minute. Even if I do a career change post-bacc with 43-46 credits and get around 3.7 to 4.0 GPA, it will only bring up my GPA to 3.1 to 3.2 ish, which is still pretty bad. My question is...
  36. L

    Choosing DIY Post Bacc in CUNY

    Posting for the first time as I am about to officially start my journey to become a Physician as a 31 year Old Non-Trad. First step is to choose a college to take all the prerequisites. Looking for advice from current or former CUNY students as to which school i should choose. I am currently...
  37. M

    Help deciding between post-baccalaureate and a MAMS type program

  38. O

    California Pre-Dental Post bacc's Advice

    2.9 GPA from UW Seattle, haven't taken DAT yet but will before I graduate. Figured the low gpa will hinder my chances of getting in so I was looking into post-baccs back home - California. Any suggestions for post bacc's in California with a good record of their pre-dental students gaining...
  39. F

    Should I continue?

    Hi, I’m a non-traditional pre-med student, and I would like to know if it’s possible to have a chance to get into an MD or DO program with my academic record. I have 14 class withdrawals due to one of my parents being very sick and hospitalized during my sophomore year. Almost all of my...
  40. J

    Loyola Marymount PostBacc University

    Hey! I recently applied to Loyola Marymount Post Bacc in California. Has anyone heard back from the program? Has anyone matriculated? Any feedback on the program?