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Feb 7, 2016
Medical Student
Hello to anyone who reads this.

I am a Dominican (from Dominican Republic, caribbean, central america) med students who will end her training at the end of 2018 and wants to go to Sweden on 2019.

I have my eyes set on Reconstructive Surgery/Plastics as a speciality and I was wondering if any of you can helps with a couple of questions that have been bothering me since a couples of months ago:

1. Is the speciality very competitive to get in on Sweden? How is the plastics/reconstructive surgery program on Sweden?

2. Are there any specialist from my region who have succeeded on plastics, or any surgery area, that you know of?

3. Is the process hard for latino IMGS?

4. Any advice you can give to an IMG latino girl who really eants to get into reconstructive/plastics on that beautiful country?

Unfortunately there is no information about Sweden or many european programs in our country due to the fact that the med schools here focus more on USA and Spain (USMLE and MIR exams). There isn't even an embassy here to provide us of some info, so any help I can get is really appreciated. Thank you for reading and helping!


5+ Year Member
Mar 29, 2014
Stockholm, Sweden
Resident [Any Field]
1. As competitive as it gets. There is only one program afaik, and it takes perhaps one or two, max three residents yearly.
2. Any surgery? Probably. Plastics, doubtful. I don't think you realise that Sweden is a small country with very few plastic surgeons.
3. What process? Latinos aren't discriminated against more or less than any other non-eu applicant.
4. Anyone aiming to practice medicine in Sweden has to learn Swedish. Start with that. Also, I don't want to discourage you but at least consider backup plans if you realise you can't get a plastics spot.

For info about getting a Swedish licence as a non-EU doctor, see https://legitimation.socialstyrelsen.se/en/educated-outside-eu-and-eea/doctor-of-medicine
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