1. ChaosArcher

    Is it worth specializing in SA Internal Med?

    So I'm at a dilemma, and I'm not sure where to go from here. I've always assumed I would leave vet school and go into general practice right away- it's the pragmatic choice, after all, and I've always been a pragmatic thinker. Diving straight in would mean I could start getting a good salary...
  2. Z3TOR

    Questions about applications for dental residency/specialization programs abroad

    Greetings. I'm a recent bachelor's graduate form saudi arabia i'm looking for specialized dental programs that I can apply to from the following countries USA Canada UK Ireland Australia though i'm not sure what even the difference does it matter if ites master or simple specialization...
  3. H

    HKU Dental Specialties

    Does anyone know anything about the graduate programs at HKU? How competitive is it to apply to their programs? How do the lifestyles of specialists compared to general dentists in Hong Kong? Is it worth to pursue a residency in Hong Kong?
  4. A

    Chances of getting a recidency after failing first year IMG?

    Hi I am an IMG from Australia. I failed my first year of medical school but have gotten high grades (90%+) ever since. In my USMLE step 1 I got 275 and in my USMLE step 2 CK I got 265. Do I have any chance of matching in a residency like anaesthesiology or ophthalmologist in the US? Or did my...
  5. V

    ENDO to OMFS

    Current Endo resident here extremely interested in OMFS. Is it possible and practical to practice concurrently as an endodontist and oral surgeon? I know endodontists that place implants, but I'm more interested in the broader scope of OS in addition to endo. Any feedback from practicing or...
  6. M

    Speciality in the UK

    Hello! I'm a spanish med student graduating next year from Slovakia, and once I graduate I want to go to the UK to continue the studies. I've read it's really unlikely for a foreing student to get into the program, anyone knows anything about this? I've also read some information about the...
  7. A

    Graduated from Jordan, interested in Australia

    Hey, Im about to graduate from Jordan this summer.. thinking alot about doing medical residency in Australia, a relative doctor works there and he advised me come there.. I read alot about Australia but as I read more details I get more confused.. I really wanna hear what do I have to do to...
  8. Kakarrott

    Which medical speciality has the best ratio between how wast and deep it is?

    Hope this isnt a bad forum, atleast not somehow extremely bad. Now to the question, maybe it is caused by lack of info but I do have a feeling that with med speciality you can go either really deep on a small scale or you have a broad but not so deep playfield. This question can be something...
  9. H

    Medical Schools with an emphasis on underserved population experience?

    How do these type of schools educate differently? In terms of residency, is there a limited number of specialties people generally get from going to these type of schools?
  10. pikaboo

    Volunteering at a hospital

    Does volunteering at a hospital count as something which will be good to put on a resume before applying to a speciality program ? Or they just care about intern and shadowing positions ?
  11. P

    Specialization best poised (expertise/culture) to lead translation of Tissue Engineering next 30yrs?

    Which surgical specialty/sub-specialization will be best poised to exert leadership in this emerging area of the field, and why is it a cut above the others for the next ~30yrs? Curious what people think off the cuff. Any evidence you can cite/share? Caveat: if answering CT, myocardium...
  12. X

    Changing landscape of ob/gyn

    How quickly is the landscape of ob/gyn changing to become more lifestyle friendly? (ex. some hospitals have laborists, larger call groups) (I am sorry if this has already been posted, I have looked around but have not found much/ the posts I have found are older)
  13. 56101991

    For the sake of argument, what is the best dental speciality and why?

    Benefits/disadvantages to each in private practice?
  14. S

    MD & DO Specialties In Medicine Podcast

    Hello Fellow Medical Students< We are two 3rd year medical students tasked with the decision of our lifetimes’: choosing which specialty in medicine we will ultimately pursue. Despite our limited exposure and lack of first hand accounts in the numerous fields of medicine, we are forced to...
  15. 56101991

    ENDO 2018

    Does anyone who is applying/applied to midwest ENDODONTIC programs like Marquette, UIC, etc. know if they accept students right out of dental school? What makes a D4 desirable to endo program directors? Also, what other programs have a track record of accepting D4s? Any feedback is appreciated.
  16. S

    From DR to Sweden

    Hello to anyone who reads this. I am a Dominican (from Dominican Republic, caribbean, central america) med students who will end her training at the end of 2018 and wants to go to Sweden on 2019. I have my eyes set on Reconstructive Surgery/Plastics as a speciality and I was wondering if any...
  17. wengerout

    GP vs. Ortho

    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask if it still makes sense to pursue an Ortho residency or would I be better off being a GP and then taking a bunch of Ortho CE? I know with the rise of "Super GP's" the future of Ortho might be uncertain. What do you guys think?
  18. D

    DDS Residency Programs

  19. P

    Emergency Medicine or Non-invasive cardiologist?

    I'll soon have to chose my electives and still haven't made up my mind with what I want to specialize in. My biggest factor is lifestyle. Want to have a family and lots of kids. So, don't want to be work crazy hours. Do not want to do surgeries and no way practice IM all my life. From my...
  20. 56101991

    Better lifestyle?

    Does endo or ortho offer a better lifestyle in general?
  21. VeterinaryStudentK9

    How to maximise the chances of getting a specialist surgery internship/residency after university?

    Hi there, I'm starting a DVM degree in University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest, Hungary in September. I'm 25, so have a little more life and practical experience than those fresh out of high school or equivalent. Having worked for and shadowed numerous fantastic small animal vets I am...
  22. C

    Pediatrics vs family medicine decision after peds hospitalist rotation

    I'm not sure whether I want to commit to only treating peds patients all the time, or do a peds-friendly FM outpatient practice. Began med school with an interest in peds due to personal experience. Moved up my Peds ER rotation to try it out, and hated most of it. Hated variable shift...
  23. F

    DO/DMD Question on Specializing

    Hey guys, My school offers a DO/DMD 6 year program. I am interested in dentistry and neurology. I wanted to either specialize in oral surgery or orthodontics, and neurosurgery. Would this be possible or what would my options look like and how would my career path look like? Thanks, much...
  24. S

    To specialize in perio or not?

    Dear Dentists of SDN, I am currently a 3rd year dental student, who is very interested in specializing in perio. I am interested in gaining insight about how periodontists are currently performing in private practice. I understand that the private conventional perio office might not be as...
  25. P

    Specialty selection and visa status

    I am a 3rd year US medical student, I am not a US citizen and I am on an F1 visa. I initially came to the US with a J1 visa through a high school exchange program and I already have the 2year home residency requirement which I have not yet fulfilled. My issue is that I am ineligible for H1b for...
  26. F

    DO/DMD Question

    I am interested in pursuing the DO/DMD degree and wanted to see what your guys' opinions on this were. I was interested in specializing in oral surgery and either family medicine or orthopedic surgery but am unsure how that would work after I would graduate and if it is the best option. What do...
  27. S

    Regional Clinical Rx Specialty Job Search Marketability

    So sitting here trying to plan my future and thinking about residency. Weighing the pros and cons. I would really like to practice in a rural/ small town setting upon completion of school. From my hospital work experience in a major metro I would also like to target a career as a oncology...
  28. S

    Do orthopedic fracture specialist still do surgery often

    I am really considering orthopedic surgery but I don't want to do hip and knee replacements all the time. I really want to specialize in fractures and trauma. Would I still get OR time daily or would I mostly be do consults? Third year med student here any help appreciated.
  29. M

    not great first semester, worried about potentially specializing

    Hey everyone! I have been lurking around a lot but never made an account until now I am a first year dental student and my first semester didn't go that great. I got a 2.4 GPA (ranked 71/93) and I am a really worried about not being able to get into a residency in the future. I understand that...
  30. FutureD.O

    NHSC NHSC IM salaries, subspecialization, +

    Hi! I have some questions regarding NHSC scholarships and the salaries one should expect following residency. I am very open to the idea of pursuing a career in Internal medicine. I wanted to see if anyone could give me an idea of the types of salaries one should expect following residency...
  31. Student1222

    How to choose schools to apply

    I am currently making my list of schools to apply to, but I am not sure how to make one. I know that I can make my list by looking at the 10th-90th percentile GPA, MCAT and medican GPA and MCAT. It seems like all of the people and health advisers tell applicants to find out about the student...
  32. Dental Philosopher

    Michigan, UIC, or Minnesota - planning on specializing (oral surgery)

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback as to which school (Michigan, Minnesota, or UIC) would be better for a student that has an interest in specializing in oral surgery. My thought is that Michigan has a more reputable name, but, on the other hand, I hear that the students there...
  33. MagentaKarma

    Typical Life of a Physician

    I've shadowed different types of physicians (internal specialist, pediatrician, medical specialist, surgeon) and volunteered countless hours in the hospital. I've also started to receive interviews and a few acceptances to medical schools. Despite this, I still wonder if I fully understand the...