Gap year before an MPH?

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Aug 13, 2010
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Hi everyone,

I am a recent grad from Boston University thinking about getting an MPH (hopefully with a focus in maternal and child healthcare). I decided to apply to take a gap year or two because I feel I could use more experience before applying to grad school. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions of places to look for jobs/internships in the NYC area or just any other advice on how I should go about gaining experience at an entry level within this field.

Appreciate any help! :)

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I live in NYC and got my MPH here. Two suggestions I can think of, offhand--

The Public Health Association of New York City can be useful for networking, there aren't a ton of meetings or events but people tend to be very nice and welcoming. Their list of organizational members has some places you could check out, too.

Public Health Solutions is a big nonprofit that works with the city health department. Their internships are only for students, but their web site will give you a sense of some of the things going on here.

What was your degree in? Do you know what kind of job you're searching for? I can think of a handful of entry-level job titles you might look for, but it depends on your training.
Thanks for your reply! I really appreciate it and will check out the links asap. I have a double major in psychology and biology, and I applied to a bunch of psychology research assistant jobs that haven't gotten back to me. Ideally I would love to work with any issues involving families or pediatrics because I want to learn more about child development and women's health.
How is your job search going? I just realized I never got back to you with job title ideas! Did you find something yet? Or are you still looking?