1. D

    MD & DO What does each each QRS deflection mean in each lead?

    Hi there! I've recently decided to in-depth study ECG and fo in some real big trouble. I've heard from a cardiologist that "r" wave in V1 records right ventricle depolarization (as it is closer to RV), while "s" wave records LV depolarization. And, at the same time, in the frontal plane, q-r-s...
  2. SavvySalmon

    University of Cincinnati SMP 2023–24

    Hey! I am a current UC first year medical student and alumni of the Cincinnati SMP. I didn't see a thread started for the next cycle so I thought I'd start one. Let us know if you have any questions about the program!
  3. N

    What the reason for the pattern of vision loss in glaucoma? Why is start out peripherally?

    I was wondering why vision loss occur peripherally first in glaucoma. Is there an anatomical/structural reason for why peripheral vision is affected earlier by high intra-ocular pressure?
  4. S

    USMLE Myogenic mechanism and stress relaxation

    In myogenic mechanism when a transmural pressure increase blood vessel constrict to regulate the flow In stress relaxation when pressure increases blood vessels dilate to accommodate extra blood. So what happens to vessel radius when pressure increases?
  5. M

    Tulane MS Physiology

    I was recently accepted into the MS physiology program at Tulane, however I can't find any information from alumni online. I was wondering if any alumni or friends of alumni could speak to what the program is like, how to succeed in the program, and how it compares to the MS program of anatomy...
  6. SharecareAlex

    Free (Giving away) Sharecare YOU - medically-accurate software with a free demo

    Hi, We are the development team of a just-released, medically-accurate software application with 3D, living, breathing organs that you can explore, dissect and in some cases, even fly through. We would like you to try our free demo version that is a sneak peek at the full version of Sharecare...
  7. meowhello

    Is Chemistry and Physics harder than Biology? How can I prepare?

    I completed my Freshman year with all A's in my Biology courses: Intro to Biology, Anatomy & Physiology 1/2 and Microbiology so I'm thinking about skipping the introduction classes to Chem and Physics and jump right in to Gen Chem and Phys 1 Sophomore year (this fall).
  8. D

    Georgetown Regular MS in Physiology 2019-2020

    Hi guys, I noticed there's no thread for this yet. I was accepted 5/3 and I was wondering if any alumni had any input on this program/ its helpfulness for med school. I am also considering GT SMP and would like to hear some of the differences of these two programs besides the technical...
  9. I

    Taking Animal Physiology online

    I am an undergrad student who doesn't need to take animal physiology to graduate. However its a required course for some vet schools. Does anyone know if you can be enrolled at two universities (one of them online). I'm not sure if I need this course to transfer to my current school to...
  10. doctorstrangerthingz

    Books that explain the physiology behind signs and symptoms

    Hi all, I'm not sure if other med students experience this, but when we are lectured on a disease, the doctors often list the signs and symptoms without really explaining why we see them or what happens in the body that leads to them; They almost never explain the physiology behind them (for...
  11. hiyhiy

    University of Cincinnati M.S. in Physiology 2019-2020

    Suprised there doesn't seem to be a thread for this SMP yet, so I thought I'd start one. Anyone else applied and waiting to hear back?
  12. M

    Action Potential/Myelination

    I have a sort of stupid question. I had this pretty simple question on an exam and it has been bothering me ever since. True or False: Myelination increases the speed of an action potential. Now, if the question stated, “Myelination increases the conduction speed of an action potential”, I...
  13. M

    Upper level physiology?

    For those of you have taken the new MCAT and done well on the B/B section, is it helpful to have taken an upper level physiology course? Is that level of detail helpful or does the B/B section test physiology at a lower level detail (but more conceptually) such as what you might find in a two...
  14. B

    Recommended books to read for specific topics in Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology

    I’m a first year student.
  15. M

    Finding night/weekend classes in Hawaii

    Hey all! I currently live in Hawaii and am heavily interested in applying to the Army-Baylor DPT program. This program requires that all labs be taken in-person. I work full time and I'm three pre-requisites behind (Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology). I have scoured the interwebs and cannot...
  16. D

    Medical Physiology Help!

    Hey guys! I apologize beforehand if this is a common topic, I've searched the forums and could not find any thread. I'm a second semester medical student currently undergoing the GI system. I've been using Constanzo for physio with a bit of Guyton here and there but mostly Constanzo but I've...
  17. 21Patella22

    NMBE Physiology Advice ????

    I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice for Physiology NBME shelf. I heard from multiple people that the exam is a brutal guessing game. What is the best source of questions to practice from that is similar to the shelf exam? Should I focus more on diagrams? Would you guys recommend...
  18. D

    Masters in Physiology and Biophysics, Louisville, KY vs. Biomedical Science Masters, Rutgers NJ

    I got accepted to both of them for Fall 2018. I needed help deciding which one is better to got to. Which one has better chances of getting me into a dental school (asap)? Given, I perform the same and get at least a 3.5+ GPA in both. I have read some forms discussing Rutgers masters but there...
  19. thehopefulvet

    Recommendations for small animal anatomy/physiology books and resources?

    I'm taking human anatomy & physiology in my undergrad but in my current shadowing position at a veterinary surgical clinic I feel I would appreciate surgical procedures better if I had a more thorough understanding of, in my case, canine and feline anatomy and some basic physiology. I have been...
  20. S

    To SMP or not to SMP? Which is the riskier path?

    I'm a non-Canadian international student looking to strengthen my science GPA before applying to US med schools. I plan to apply after completing a Master's program. I have 3.51 uGPA, 3.46 sGPA from a top ten university in the US (notorious for grade deflation), and 501 MCAT (retaking). I felt...
  21. C

    Free trial and coupon for USMLE AND MCAT, at "Royal15" 15% off

    Free trial and coupon for USMLE AND MCAT, at "Royal15" 15% off
  22. StrongBeliever

    BOTH Why does Glucagon INCREASE insulin when it's an anti-insulin hormone?

    How come Glucagon and growth hormone INCREASE insulin when they're both anti-insulin??
  23. M

    Help with MCQ in physiology

    About abnormal myelin due to deficiency of either Vitamin b12 Follic acid Erythropoietin Interleukin 4 Iron
  24. ashurso

    MCAT subject prevalence

    I am taking the mcat in spring 2019 and I am trying to decide which courses will courses to take at my school to help me get a better score. I will be taking Biochemistry in the fall and I am trying to decide between taking 1 of the following 3: genetics, cell bio, or physiology. The remaining...
  25. E

    Anatomy/Physiology on OAT?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to take the OAT in the spring or summer of next year and was wondering, how much anatomy and/or physiology is on the OAT? Human Physiology is one of the hardest biology courses at my school, so I was wondering if it's worth it to try and take that class or if I will be...
  26. V

    Combined Anatomy and Physiology sequence vs separate?

    I am looking at my school's PT pre-reqs, and for the A&P sequence, there is an option to take either: Human Anatomy (4 credits), then Human Physiology with lab (3+1), and also a separate anatomy lab (1). OR Anatomy & Physiology I + lab (3+1), then Anatomy & Physiology II + lab (3+1). I imagine...
  27. stydying4PharmD

    SOS: I need an online Physio I/II class!

    Hey all, I'm new on here but think this would be a great resource for info/feedback! I need recommendations on where to take an ONLINE Physio I/II course (not A&P)! Friends and I need to take it over the summer, but it's okay if it crosses over spring/fall semester. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. My...
  28. stydying4PharmD

    SOS: I need an online Physio I/II class!

    Hey all, I'm new on here but think this would be a great resource for info/feedback! I need recommendations on where to take an ONLINE Physio I/II course (not A&P)! Friends and I need to take it over the summer, but it's okay if it crosses over spring/fall semester. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. My...
  29. stydying4PharmD

    SOS I need an online physio I/II course! Suggestions?

    Hey all, I'm new on here but think this would be a great resource for info/feedback! I need recommendations on where to take an ONLINE Physio I/II course (not A&P)! Friends and I need to take it over the summer, but it's okay if it crosses over spring/fall semester. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. My...
  30. D

    MCW Master's in Medical Physiology 2018-2019

    There seems to be nothing about this program on SDN. I would love to hear from others who are in the current class or have graduated from this program. Here is a link to their program: MCW: Master's in Medical Physiology | Physiology
  31. StrongBeliever

    What does 'integrating peripheral responses to peripheral information' mean?

    So in my Human Physiology textbook it says, interneurons are important in integrating peripheral responses to peripheral information Could someone please explain this phrase to me?:)
  32. M

    Dropping Physiology course after deadline

    I am dual AA/diploma recipient currently attending the University of Florida as a freshman and currently have 15 credits. My academic adviser has a huge issue with my course load: Organic I, Physics (W/O calc) with lab I, Human Physiology, Economics food issues, and and introductory course to...
  33. StrongBeliever

    Why does adrenaline have a small effect on ABP??

    In my book, it says, Adrenaline has less effect [I think they're comparing it to noradrenaline] on ABP due to vasoconstriction and vasodilatation of skeletal muscle arterioles and so TPR is slightly affected. It affects SBP while DBP is slightly decreased. Pulse pressure is augmented but MAP...
  34. StrongBeliever

    Confused on the pressure-volume loop in systolic/Diastolic dysfunction???

    Why does it say that in diastolic dysfunction the pressure-volume loop shifts to the right, decreasing SV. But in Systolic dysfunction, pressure-volume loop shifts upwards and to the left, decreasing SV? :lame:
  35. StrongBeliever

    What does 'stimulus artifact' mean in action potential?

    I know what a stimulus is, but what's a stimulus artifact?
  36. StrongBeliever

    I don't understand Heterometric regulation!

    In my book it says, Heterometric regulation: It's characterized by: It depends on a different EDV (increased ventricular blood volume at end of diastole, increases CO and vise versa) Could someone please explain this sentence.:(
  37. StrongBeliever

    what does venous tone mean?

    In my book it says, increased venous tone increases venous return, but what does venous tone mean?:)
  38. StrongBeliever

    Is my understanding on the negativity of intrapleural pressure CORRECT?

    so in my textbook it says, 'intrapleural pressure is more negative in the apex of the lung than in the base'. Now cos the alveoli in the apex is larger, there's less space in the intrapleural space, and therefore the pressure within the intrapleural space increases or 'more negative'? From...
  39. H

    Relationship between arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate

    hey guys, i'm looking for the explanation of relationship between arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate, i've been searching on google but got stuck in the situation where i have to pay an account for reading journal with the same topic. could anyone explain to me please? thank you.
  40. HI OT

    General Admissions & OTCAS Where to complete my pre-reqs?

    Hey OT peeps, So really want to be able to apply to school this coming fall however I still need to take Anatomy and Physiology + lab before the application period. However, my state colleges don't offer them during the summer. Does anyone know of any good online schools to complete these...