Georgia/OK State?

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Jun 21, 2007
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Hey all- congratulations to everybody going to vet school in the fall! This is my first time posting here - I'm not applying until Fall of '08, but I was wondering if anyone had any experiences w/University of Georgia or Oklahoma State. I know all the vet schools are good, but do these two have particular reputations? I'm a Delaware resident so it sucks since I'm considered out of state everywhere, but we contract for two positions with those 2 schools so I would be able to pay in-state tuition. Any info you have would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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i like to say that all the vet schools are good vet schools...espeically since they're all really hard to get into. lol. but oklahoma and georgia want you to take the GRE Bio along with the GRE. thats the only difference i saw. oh, and maybe calc? i dont remember. but i'm sure that they're both great schools. :) i hope someone can help you out!
Thanks ckgilabert! I agree they are all good, but I'd love to hear if anyone else knows anything specific, i.e. if students seem to like it there or anything like that. Thanks!
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Unfortunately for you, those two schools aren't extremely well represented on SDN, which is probably why there has been such little response. I know we only have one or two Georgia people that I can remember, and a few more OK people. I really don't know much about either of the schools, just that Georgia is hard to get into oos. Hopefully some of the people going there next year can answer more of your questions.
I know a Georgia grad; she has been out at least five years now, possibly six?

She loved their program, and her medicine is excellent. She was a very smart student. She also told me that she had found enough time while there to actually keep a part-time job, since she had been used to working while attending undergrad full-time.

That's about all I've got.
if you are interested in a particular focus in vet med, one of the most important thing to look for might be what type of programs each school offers. for example, if you're interested in equine, how are their equine programs? or exotics? if you're not really interested in a specific area, then maybe you could look into the location of each it in a city or out in the middle of nowhere, what are the surroundings like, is it safe there, etc. try looking into things that you could possibly compare/contrast via their websites. but maybe visiting both schools, if you have the opportunity, would give you a better idea of what they are like.
All I know about Ga. is that they take sooooo few of oos, that's you're chances are really low. If you're young and single and want into GA, you could move there to establish residency. Even tho I killed the Bio. GRE, I didn't bother applying there.

OK state is better at accepting oos' than most schools. The appeal of living in the middle of nowhere and that previous fact was why I applied.
If your primary interest in those two schools is financial (i.e. you'd pay as an in-state student if you get a contract seat), then you might also look at the schools with lower out-of-state tuition (Wisconsin comes to mind, at $24K it's less expensive than some schools' in-state tuition).

Something you should also realize about contract spots is that 2 is just the maximum number of students that DE agreed to pay for at each school. Both schools may admit as many people as they want from DE - but only two get reduced tuition. So being accepted doesn't guarantee you pay less. And I'm pretty sure (though the policy may vary depending on the agreement the states reached) it's also not a *requirement* that they accept two Delawarians each year - if they don't feel that anyone from DE makes the cut, then the state of DE just keeps its money. Somebody already mentioned that UGA isn't known for taking out-of-state students, so if being from a contract state doesn't give you any special consideration then your chances are still slim there.

Anyway my basic point is not to feel restricted to those two schools. If you found yourself accepted to both, but not offered a contract spot at either and looking at paying full tuition anyway, then you'd probably be pretty disappointed that you didn't apply to at least a few other schools that take a lot of out-of-staters (Ohio? Illinois? I know there's a thread about it around here somewhere, and you can also get the info from individual schools' websites).
georgia is supposed to have one of the better wildlife programs
Thanks for all your information! I am definitely not limiting myself to just Georgia and OK St. - I just hadn't heard anything about them on the board. I am interested in small animal, and it seems you can find a good program for that at any of the schools. That's a good idea to look at some of the cheaper oos schools. I think I was under the false impression that I would have a better chance of getting into GA/OK as a contract than oos at another. Okay, thanks again!
I think I was under the false impression that I would have a better chance of getting into GA/OK as a contract than oos at another.
I'm sure each pair of states negotiates their contract separately, so please don't just believe me on that! Make sure you check with both OK and GA and see if they *reserve* those two seats for DE applicants, or if that's just the maximum number. (Also, a statistical note... I'm guessing that *every* DE applicant applies to both OK and GA since those are your only two contract options. So even if there are a total of 4 reserved contract seats, that's not very good odds. Certainly not easier than getting in OOS to any other school - especially since some schools admit 1/4 to 1/2 their class OOS!)
Hi! I am from Delaware also, I applied to GA and OK this past year. I was placed on the alternate list for each and was unable to be offered a spot. As far as I know, Georgia has 2 reserved for qualified DE applicants. OK only has one I believe. For Georgia I was placed on the alternate list for just DE applicants. For OK State, I was not quite qualified enough for that ONE DE spot but was able to be placed on the OOS list.

This is my second time applying as a DE resident. I have applied to other OOS schools as well with no luck. I have noticed from their statistics that more and more DE people are applying for these spots, making it hard for them to take all the qualified people every year. Although GA and OK are probably the best options financially, I would definitely not limit yourself to those two schools. But that is not saying you couldn't get in!

If at first you don't succeed try try again!!
Hey lap- thanks so much for the info! It's nice to hear from another Delawarean. I'm definitely not limiting myself to GA & OK. There are actually a couple other schools I've visited that I really like, but I figured I'd learn more about GA/OK because of the whole contract thing.
Just out of curiosity (and you don't have to say, of course), where else did you apply? I know it's so hard oos. When I talked to an admissions officer at Penn, she said to basically try and get residency in the state with the school I like the most. Did you look at Western, since I know they don't admit based on in-state/oos? Are you planning on applying to OK/GA again in the fall? Okay, thanks and good luck!
I am from south carolina and am applying to georgia this fall as an out of state contract as well. I think we have 17 spots reserved. I don't now what the deal with delaware is. But i know that when i talked to the lady in charge of admissions (she is very nice) she seemed to consider me (as a contract state student) in state. also i noticed that you went to duke. I go to Washington and Lee and was wondering if duke also recommended applying to upenn like all my teachers/advisors have at W&L. Appearantly the private vetschools may care more about the prestige/reputaion of your undergrad. Plus upenn takes like 40% of their class out of state, i think (and they are not that much more expensive out of state than NCstate or Va/MD). I still would rather go to one of our contract schools financially, bc it is a huge difference. anyway, good luck to you. hope this helps.
For all those in the contract states, don't forget to find out which schools will let you establish residency after the first year. Not many allow this but I believe Illinois and Washington State both do. Even though the first year might be really expensive, you'd save yourself a bundle for the next 3 years. You might even have to call the Vet department's office to find out because some don't advertise this information.
All the above advice is very good. Certainly look into schools that have a large number of OOS positions, low OOS tuition, or let you achieve in-state residency after your first year of school.

As for Oklahoma, best school ever! :) Due to Stillwater's small size, it's probably a culture shock for most people. But to me, it's a big city! Two Wal-Marts! Holy jeepers!