Getting into OD school

C. Ronaldo

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May 5, 2004
    Im thinking of being an optometrist. My GPA calculated as if I was going to be an MD was 2.73. But calculated for a DO which only accepts the higher grade of retaken courses it was 3.17. I havent done any of the prereqs for OD school yet apart from Chem 1 which I got a C in. Is there any chance of me getting into OD school?


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    Jun 14, 2001
      Just try to get A's & B's in all the rest of your pre-reqs. Classes are tougher in optometry school because of the tremendous amount of material given. You need to show the admissions committee that you're capable of handling optometry school.

      Good luck :)

      One more final - contact lenses! Then freedom for a week!
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