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Dec 24, 2017
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Hello :)

I graduated UG in 2017 and recently finished my first year in a 2 year graduate program in religious studies. I unfortunately found myself in a financial bind this past spring and had to start working fulltime somewhere that pays well in order to start earning money to pursue my dreams. I've not put a pause on my graduate degree after months of deciding whether or not I should re-pursue medicine, and I've made my decision :)

I've always had an interest in medicine and have been seriously considering applying to med school in the next few years. However, the only issue is that bc of my job I can only take CC classes to fulfill the necessary science prereqs.

I'm hoping to apply in state (TX) and get residency soon and wanted to know a few things:

1. Would CC classes be okay when I apply as long as I have excellent grades, MCAT, volunteering? I work, so the most I can do rn is volunteer and maybe lead/co-lead a company volunteer event that's healthcare specific.

2. After finishing these prereqs, would pursuing a postbacc/MSTP be worth it to show I can handle graduate-level science courses? If so, I'm hoping to save enough money from the CC classes to pursue that down the road. But I've heard mixed reviews and when I contacted the schools I would like to get into they said that postbacc credits aren't accepted, which I found weird.

3. I am unable to find research opportunities since I work fulltime and am no longer an undergrad, but I have been looking into volunteering at local hospitals. Most of it is nonclinical but there is one clinical opportunity I hope to pursue. My question is, what would admissions think if I don't have research experience? Would that negatively impact me as much as I think despite having (hopefully) more than 100 hrs of volunteering?

I would greatly appreciate any and all insight!! I've researched different schools, specialities, residencies, clinical and volunteering experiences on this page for months but would love to get some constructive feeback.

Also, not sure if this is important but my UG GPA was 3.72 in a non-science major and minor, and in high school I did a pre-med program my senior year that allowed me to shadow different physicians (mainly)/medical personnel in a variety of fields.

Thank you!


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Jun 12, 2018
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1) Some schools are ok with CC and some don’t recommend it. Best to look at MSAR and individual school websites. If you take any pre-reqs at a CC (like I am), try to take some upper levels at a 4 yr.

3) Research is good but it’s not strictly necessary unless you’re applying to an MD/PhD program. Try to really nail your volunteering experiences and get more than 100 hrs.