1. dinucleotidecarl

    Could I benefit from doing a DIY post-bacc this summer for this cycle?

    Hi everyone. This is a long one, so there's a TL;DR below. I graduated college in 2017 and have worked in both health care (scribe/scribe trainer, CMA) and elsewhere (Fulbright, teaching abroad) since graduation. Texas resident. I took all my prereqs in college and got a Pre-Health Professions...
  2. F

    Pre-med Post-Bac Application Question

    Hello all you informed pre-med/med people! I am a current junior in college (basically a senior since the year is practically over) and I am a film student who has made the ultimate decision to become a physician! I'm not going to use this space to give you my reasons why/how/etc but I was...
  3. S

    Active duty military DIY postbacc

    I am a nontraditional student looking for guidance on my DIY postbacc and overall plan. Background: Graduated from college (I went to an Ivy--not sure if this matters as far as grade inflation or anything) several years ago with a BA in History and a 3.61 cGPA and 3.28 sGPA, currently an active...
  4. jstkeepswimming

    Further guidance for next steps

    Here is my previous post: Guidance on next steps After years of work, my cumulative GPA has finally hit 3.0 (3.0037 to be exact 😅) My sGPA is now at 2.92. I have been continuing my non-clinical volunteering, but my clinical volunteering has been paused due to the pandemic (still have ~ 100...
  5. R

    School applications - Former SMP

    Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone had possible school recommendations. I am from the MW and got a 3.52 in the GT SMP. MCAT of 517. I actually was not a science major in my UG so I did some bare minimum post bacc classes at Loyola in Chicago before starting the SMP - looking back, I think...
  6. P

    Nontrad MD-PhD with weak stats but strong direction

    MD-PhD's are the high rung concerning competitiveness. Can anyone speak to knowing someone who gained acceptance with a < 512 MCAT and/or < 3.7 GPA? How did the rest of their application resolve these crucial deficits? Is there any value added by having not just passion for research, but a...
  7. C

    Non Trad Low GPA Higher MCAT CA

    Hey guys, I'm a nontraditional 28 yo applicant, graduated class 2014 with biological sciences degree. Here are my stats: MCAT: 517 undergrad cGPA: 3.09 (including the postbacc "undergrad" courses) 2.92 (if I didn't include the postbacc) undergrad sGPA: 2.87 (including the postbacc "undergrad"...
  8. JoyFairy

    Nonscience LOR for Nontrad

    Hi everyone! Long-time lurker wondering about how to approach the non-science prof LOR requirement, as I’ve been out of undergrad since 2017 (not in contact with my profs) and taking only science classes as part of my post-bacc. I have access to LORS from science profs, the supervising...
  9. S

    Advice on post-bac application | cGPA 3.8, sGPA 3.6 | Clinical Research Background |

    I would really appreciate some advice on applying to post bacs. After working in clinical research a few years, I decided in Aug 2020 to apply to post bacs and pursue med school. I have applied to 2 programs - Scripps and Goucher - and am working on the essays for Bryn Mawr, Johns Hopkins, and...
  10. D


  11. A

    Transitioning out of AD and into med school...advice?

    Going to be separating in 2021 before starting medical school. I will probably be starting school while on my terminal so I won't necessarily have a ton of time to ease into civilian life. Anyway, as excited as I am about starting medical school, I'm really nervous about transitioning out of...
  12. M

    Need help with SMP decision! 2 days to decide

    So I've recently been accepted to a couple SMP programs for academic enhancement and I've narrowed it down to Tulane's masters in cell and molecular biology program and Kansas City University of Medicine's master of biomedical science. My goal after the program is MD. I'd really appreciate some...
  13. B

    Advice: Elms Post-bacc vs. Hofstra

    Hi everyone! New to SDN; I graduated last year with a low GPA (c: 2.93, s: (honestly idk, likely 2.6)) and got accepted into a few post-bacc programs this year. Currently, I'm having some trouble choosing between Elms Post-bacc and Hofstra's. I'm still waiting to hear back from BU MAMS, but...
  14. M

    Non Trad WAMC?

    Hi WAMC? I graduated with a BS in Biomedical Engineering in 2017. GPA: 3.13 (fumbled freshman year but made deans list last couple semesters with GPAs of 3.6+ in 300 - 500 level bioengineering/science courses) MCAT: 503 (first take 490) Been working in tech consulting since graduation and...
  15. jstkeepswimming

    Reinvention Journey - looking for feedback!

    Hello all, So I'm currently working on reinventing my resume for medical school and am looking for advice on where to go from here. I have an idea of what I want to do but feedback is always appreciated and welcome. Due to my unfortunately bad grades in community college (and early undergrad at...
  16. DocHopeful1

    My Vulnerable and Personal Caribbean Medical School Journey

    This is for my Pre-Meds and Non-Traditional students considering a Caribbean medical school. Fair warning, this is going to be a long post, but it will be my personal unbiased journey. I have no secret agenda; I am not trying to convince you to do one thing or another. I will be keeping it 100%...
  17. A

    I got a 519 on my MCAT, working full time. Nontrad/AD military. Thoughts below.

    I tested on 14 September 2019. I got a 519 (129/132/128/130). I studied on top of working full time. Don’t get me wrong, I got a lot of really great info from online forums in preparation for this test, but there were also things I wish I had heard or read while studying. This post is an attempt...
  18. TheGroove

    Anyone get accepted with online degree?

    Got an associates degree with research, all my prerequisites done, multiple LOR’s, and have other awards/accomplishments specific to the small college but it’s a 90 minute drive. About to start a 24/48 schedule, so traditional classes would be hard and I’m considering finishing my undergrad at...
  19. S

    What are my chances? Former Pro Soccer Player and Restaurant Owner

  20. TheGroove

    Online after finishing all prereqs, some research, etc. Advice needed

    Hi, everyone. SDN lurker for a while, but decided to make an account for a question I have. I’ll be graduating a small state college soon with an Associate of Science in Biology. I’ve taken all my prerequisites, have good LOR’s from professors, was a college ambassador, have shadowing...
  21. B

    From engineering physics to general physics

    I'm a nontrad currently taking the first course (mechanics and energy) in an engineering physics series. I'm keeping up (barely) and have heard rough things about the courses that follow. I'd like to finish the class and then switch over to general physics w/ calc, but noticed my school won't...
  22. Z

    Advice For MCAT Newbie

    Hello Everyone, So I am a junior right now and I've lately been having cold feet about applying to PA schools due to my underlying goal to become a physician. Long story short, entered into college in the 4+3 Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, realized I didn't want to pursue rehab but rather...
  23. MissRibeye

    When to Incorporate Qbanks in my Study Plan

    I am a *very*-nontrad of 37 looking to apply next cycle but take my MCAT mid to late July of 2020 (a little late) but giving myself 6 weeks of focused time. I want to set myself up for success, so I am working on studying for my MCAT during my prereqs by kicking butt in my pre-reqs and finding a...
  24. C

    Bit of a sticky situation... Should I switch colleges or stay where I am and adjust?

    Hello, all. I'm in a bit of a weird situation and seeking some advice. I was attending a very small state college while attending a technical college. One was for my undergraduate degree and one was to become a licensed EMT for clinical experience. The state college (3 weeks into classes) denied...
  25. D

    Need Masters advice!

    Hi all, I am writing this post today to ask for advice! Currently, I have a 2.95 GPA and I am projected to have a 3.06 GPA after this semesters DIY postbacc coursework. I took the MCAT last summer and got a 502 and am applying to masters programs right now to begin 2019-2020. I have had...
  26. T

    Second Bachelor's: Business(3.0) -> Neuroscience(3.91)

  27. N

    Anxiety as a Low-Grade Applicant

    Disclaimer: This is a bit of a read Hello, So I am a relatively young (23 going on 24) non traditional applicant. It has actually been a bit of a ride for me and medicine. I had been pre-med in undergrad but was in it for the wrong reasons (parental pressure, comfortable salary, pride). I had...
  28. khunmohdokhtar

    Leadership experiences non-trad student

    I did really rough and was unfocused (B-, C averages for many of my bio/chem/calc classes... did well in physics though) my first two years of undergrad, therefore I currently have a 3.0 gpa and am in my 4th (out of 5th year) - my goal is to get it up to at least a 3.2....I am pursuing a major...
  29. C

    Does super small state school REALLY not matter?

    So, I know this question gets asked a lot, but I’m attending a *really small state school. There were a total of 17 students last year who graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology last year. Overall, though... Great staff, small classes (good for getting to know the professors), guaranteed...
  30. RunItsTheCat

    MOOCs as Pre-req Class Replacement

    Hello SDN Non-trads! While searching for more time-flexible and less expensive ways to fulfill pre-requisites for Med school as a working software engineer (with bachelors in Computer Science), I found out about Mass Open Online Courses. I have confirmed with a few Med schools that they do...
  31. C

    Did I screw myself?

    Okay, so I've recently started undergrad at a well-known university, but I'm a non-traditional student that's 24 years old. So far, I've only taken 8 courses, but have made A's in every one - some higher, some lower. I've started volunteering, will soon be switching jobs to something more...
  32. J

    Law School Enrollment on Undergraduate Transcript

    I hastily decided my senior year of undergrad that I thought I might be better suited for law school. I was admitted into and enrolled in my undergraduate school's law program only to change my mind before school started. While I never took any classes there, the enrollment to the law center...
  33. C

    Does undergrad degree really not matter?

    Considering a BA degree in English, as it’s what I would enjoy the most. Only concern is by the time I graduate, I would pretty much be taking the bare minimum science prerequisites and have a Bachelor of Arts. If everything else is good (GPA, MCAT, LOR’s, volunteering, etc) - does it really...
  34. C

    Will this look bad?

    So, I was originally going the PA route and decided against it and to pursue med school. I’m attending a bigger name college online (think Penn State, Arizona State, University of Florida, etc) for Biologicall Sciences but some of my labs are virtual - which I know will look bad when applying...
  35. M

    Engineer, Low GPA, Post-bacc advice

    Hello, New to SDN and looking for some advice. I graduated with a 2.72 gpa but I'm looking to go to med school. I'm currently trying to get into a post-bacc program to boost my gpa and take what pre-med classes I didn't take in undergrad. I was biomedical so I've taken some of the pre-med...
  36. H

    Goucher / JHU / Bryn Mawr?

  37. girlinthebar

    MD 3.6 gGPA 3.0 uGPA 513 MCAT

    MCAT (2017) 513 (90%) - 128/128/128/129 State: NJ Resident Race: Asian Gender: Female (27) Undergrad: Private Top 30 (Economics) Grad (MS): Private Top 20 Med School (Physiology) - Finished in 10 months + completed additional semester of courses to boost GPA Clinical experience: Mental...
  38. Y


    23 yo, 2017 college graduate, 2.9 GPA bio major. Volunteered for AmeriCorp for 6 months after graduation, decided I wanted to be a doctor/continue education. Accepted to a masters of bio program (pre-professional focus) at a small university...set to attend January 2019 - January 2020. Trying...
  39. T-rexa

    Current LMT: good experience or get new training?

    First thread, so go easy on me :) I have been a licensed massage therapist for about a year now. I'm in the process of earning my pre-req's for med school at a 4 year university as a non-degree seeking student because I earned my BFA in Modern Dance about 7 years ago. I have called 4-5...
  40. Fishy fish

    Anxious Non-trad

    Just felt like letting out my mixed emotions here...I'm a non-trad student who will be starting med school at 27. I love everything about medicine and truly feel like it's the only career that will make me happy. I obviously thought hard about attending medical school before enrolling in my...