community college classes

  1. L

    Community college class listed as 96 credit hours

    I'm taking two EMT classes over the summer to get my certification through a community college. I couldn't find anywhere that showed the number of credit hours the classes were worth until I pulled up the course catalog. It says there that the class is worth 96 credit hours!? I'm positive this...
  2. P

    Low GPA and Wrong major

    Hi, So I recently graduated undergrad with a 2.7 GPA, I had lots of issues in life happening which resulted in that. I want to go Dental but I’m not sure where to start. Should I go to CC, Masters Program, or Post-bacc program to get both pre-reqs and a higher GPA? If you have ANY advice at...
  3. P

    How bad would it look to take general biology I at a community college?

    I know this question is asked a lot, but I’ve seen mixed answers so I’m a little confused. Some people say you shouldn’t take science/math prereqs under any circumstance at a community college if you attend a four-year college for all 4 years, while others say just a couple would be okay. I am...
  4. D

    Do CC credits count for dental schools (Accounting Major)

    Hey everyone, I’m a sophomore at University of Miami wanting to go pre-dental. Im an accounting major right now and was wondering if I could take pre-reqs for dental school at community college since Umiami classes are 5k each. Thank you.
  5. L

    Do Ivy Leauge Medical Schools Such as Harvard Look Down on/Reject you if you Took 1 Year of Your Credits at a Community College

    Even if the credits were the easier classes (& saved the harder classes for regular university)?
  6. K

    Pre Reqs at a CC will I be taken seriously?

    Hello all, I’m currently 25yrs and making a career change to go to dental school. I need to take my pre reqs first which I think I can do in 5 semesters. I have bachelors in dental hygiene and have been an RDH for 3 years now and will be working full time still while I take my classes. It would...
  7. J


    Hello everyone! So I really need help in starting over or completing my pre-med undergrad degree and I'm TOTALLY lost as to where and how to start. A little about me before I let the questions pour our. So I'm a 27 year old woman, wife and mom to 3 beautiful kids (aged 6,4, and almost 2). Due...
  8. S

    Taking science courses at CC after graduating with bachelor's degree?

    Hello. A little background about myself. I graduated with a degree in biology from UCSD in 2018. I have been working in the marketing field to gain other experience unrelated to science. My GPA was around 3.20 when I graduated. I plan on applying to med school in the next couple years and was...
  9. V

    Transcript entry: transferred courses

    On the transcript of my current university, the summer courses that I took in CC didn't have a GPA, but a "T" which stands for "Transfer". When I am listing the course work on AMCAS, should I write the course information into my current university or in the community college part? (I listed...
  10. I

    Does a high MCAT score "counteract" CC classes?

    So, I've been doing extensive research on the medical admissions process and reading a lot of posts on SDN. I definitely got 2 things: 1) For those who graduated with a low GPA in college and want to career change, you need go through a "reinvention", and 2) You should avoid prerequisites...
  11. Python Forever

    Taking Languages Classes/Psych Classes @ CC

    I live in SoCal, and it's becoming more and more obvious that I need to learn Spanish to be able to volunteer/work broadly here. I want to learn it in a classroom environment (i.e. avoid online learning), and don't want to shell out $1000 per class to learn it at a 4-year. Taking Spanish 1 and 2...
  12. Python Forever

    UCLA Extension Viewed as 4-Year University?

    I'm a nontrad looking to start taking the prereqs the later half of this year. I live in SoCal so my options are limited to UCLA Extension, UCLA Concurrent Enrollment, and CSU classes. I think UCLA CE is out of the question due to cost and unreliability in getting into classes. From what I...
  13. C

    Engineering Major - Pre Reqs for medical school?

    Hi everyone, I am a freshman at a 4 year college pursuing a degree in computer engineering. After completing my degree I would like to go to medical school. So far I’m having a couple of problems... 1) My university is more orientated towards engineering so they don’t really have anyone here...
  14. L

    Need some help and advice on scheduling for next semester!

    So I am in a community college and I am hoping to transfer May 2020. Next semester, I am schedule to take Physics 4A (calculus based), Chem 1B, Botany (Bio), and Calculus 3B (calcu 2). Also, possibly a general ed course that is worth 3 credits too. All the sciences have a lab. I am a freshmen...
  15. Biochem pre- med

    Online classes? Prerequisite for college level chemistry

    Greetings to all! I wanted to know if taking a chemistry pre college course online would look bad on a college resume. It is a pre-req course that i need to take to receive credit to be able to enroll in general chemistry 1. I did not do well in high school and i need to take it. I am currently...
  16. B

    MS/MBA, low uGPA, should I take cc classes?

    First time post, new to SDN Some background details relevant to my question: URM, disadvantaged 2.88 cGPA, (double degree in philosophy and Biology), 3.7 sGPA and cGPA (graduate dual master program (MS/MBA) at a top 15 school), will begin MBA portion in the spring. Yet to take the MCAT, but...
  17. A

    Getting prereqs while working fulltime

    Hello :) I graduated UG in 2017 and recently finished my first year in a 2 year graduate program in religious studies. I unfortunately found myself in a financial bind this past spring and had to start working fulltime somewhere that pays well in order to start earning money to pursue my...
  18. JavaDocHopeful

    Answered my own question!

    Asked a question before digging into old posts. My bad!
  19. D

    How does going to back to community college to meet pharm school requirements work?

    I have already graduated from a 4 year school with a BS degree. However, I am going back to my local community college to take a couple more classes to meet pharmacy school requirement. How does that work? My community college requires that I need to choose my objective for readmission, and the...
  20. M

    PA to MD Post Bacc

    Hi guys, I've done my fair share of lurking and research about this topic but i think my situation is unique enough to not apply to the other posts. Im currently a senior graduating in a couple of weeks and have decided to go MD instead of PA . My situation is that I need to take a gap year to...
  21. B

    Should I take cc general science classes before transferring to 4 yr?

    I'm switching my major from nursing to biology AS, I go to a community college and hope to transfer to IUPUI for pre-med. Most of the general science classes will transfer. However, I'm not sure if i should take the general science classes at a community college; some medical schools frown upon...
  22. M

    BSN to Med School

    Hey world, I was wondering what a BSN program to med school would be like. The big question is what prerequisites would I have left after I complete my bachelors in nursing (BSN). Here is my plan: • Take a year of basic courses in community college. • Transfer about 30 credit hours over...
  23. J

    Community College Credits

    Does anyone know the list of schools that don't accept Community college credits? I wanted to take couple courses at a cc now that I have graduated from a 4 year university such as Anatomy and Physiology I&II?
  24. lioness413

    Taking Non-Degree Online Courses for GPA boost

    Hey everyone. I just graduated this spring and I'm applying for vet school right now but I'm not thrilled with my GPA (3.34) so I'm worried I won't get in my first time. I've heard about people taking community college courses to boost their GPAs post-graduation but the community colleges near...
  25. Nirvana48

    Q about community college classes

    Some background info! I graduated from Pepperdine last year and I was going to apply to medical school this cycle but I'm deciding to wait until next cycle to improve my MCAT score and etc. After graduating I took some classes at a community college for fun / to prep myself for my MCAT, which I...