Going back to cali. for residency

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by TP, Jan 4, 1999.

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    Jan 3, 1999
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    I grew up in California all my life and love it here. However, i wanted to expand my horizon so i decided that i want to leave cali for med. school. I got accepted to COMP, and UHS but I only sent a deposit to UHS b/c of the aforementioned reason. In the future i possibly would like to return to california. Will this be very difficult? I know that ca. is a very competitive state but as a DO student will it be especially difficult? Also, does it matter whether i go to COMP or UHS? Any light anyone can shed on this subject will be most appreciated. Anybody planning on going to UHS/COM next year please drop me a line.

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    Hey TP.

    I have a similar dilemna. There is a thread titled 'KCOM for school & then CA to practice?' which got some good responses on this site. Check it out for some perspective.

    I think the real bottom line is that you should go where you want to study and live for the next stage of your life. Do well there and you WILL get back here. I have been accepted to school out of CA, and am going to interview at COMP. I sent them my letters of rec 4 times, and my application was not completed until recently [​IMG]

    Change is not bad either. I grew up in South Africa, then Santa Monica, and then went to college in Connecticut. Time out of Southern Cal is not bad, but also not necessary. I think that I would like to stay here for the long haul and would love to go to school locally.

    Go with your gut.

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