Dec 16, 2015
I'm entering my senior year and I have a cumulative GPA of 3.72. I took the MCAT earlier this summer and thought I did decent on it but actually got a depressing score (490's). I am retaking the MCAT sometime next January of 2018, therefore taking a gap year. I have good extracurricular activities, shadowing experience, volunteering experience, etc. My question is what should I aim for on my next MCAT to have a chance of being accepted into a DO school? Will my pitiful first MCAT score hurt my chances despite getting a better score when I retake it? I also only studied for the MCAT for about a month and a half (yes, I need to study more). I used kaplan's books and have been getting 495's on the practice exams. Any suggestions on how to study this time? Thanks in advance!


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Mar 12, 2017
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Get a study plan out of the MCAT section from some of the successful test takers. Take lots of practice exams saving the AAMC full lengths till near test date.
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