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Good Midwestern Programs?


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Jun 10, 2006
Milwaukee, WI
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Hey everyone. I'm just curious if anyone has feedback about midwestern programs in the following states:


I've looked at most of the web sites for the programs in these states. There is limited information on scutwork, in particular there is no information about Mayo's program or KS-Wichita's program.

I'm trying to narrow down some places that might be good prospects for externships.

I'm hoping to stay in the midwest, my family is in this area... not a super stellar competitive applicant here but not a bad prospect either.

Anyway, thanks in advance for the help.


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Aug 24, 2006
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Keep in mind this is just my opinion from what I have heard and from interviewing at some but not all. I think some of the better programs in the area (I may leave some out) would be:

IL - Northwestern, Chicago (going to a reputable school and 240+ would help here, both are really competitive)
MO - MIR - also as above
WI - Wisconsin - very good program - not nearly as competitive as above 3, but still definitely well thought of
MN - Mayo - wonder about competitiveness because of cold location, but good program
- Minnesota - respected program, don't know much about
TX - UTSW, Baylor Houston, UT Houston - probably listed in order of competitiveness, very good programs
- Baylor Dallas - community program, good training from what I have heard
- UT Galveston, UT San Antonio - don't know much about, think are both respected university programs
IA - Iowa - good program, probably less competitive than Wisconsin and the first two Texas schools, probably equally competitive with UT Houston - 230's is probably decently good here

Keep in mind the board scores I say sort of also include an overall application picture that is similar, and that they are frequently a big part of consideration for interviews (fair or not). Without board scores, med school prestige (which probably more strongly impacts NW, Chicago, and MIR a lot more than the others), and overall perception of rest of application like AOA or something, it is hard to say which one(s) to choose from. I think most underestimate themselves though, you probably are pretty solid.
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