Goucher v Bryn Mawr

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Oct 29, 2015
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I know there are many threads out there comparing these two programs, but they are all pretty dated. I wanted to get a more current perspective on which of these two is a stronger program in terms of...
-success of linkages
-advising and support
-MCAT prep
-difficulty of grading
-anything else you think is significant to mention
Any current students' opinions would be greatly appreciated!!

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Small class size, more individualized attention, and I think it is overall more supportive than BM. I could be completely wrong... but I got the impression that there is a bit more hand-holding at Goucher than BM and I think that I am looking for something like that, a program that is super super (maybe excessively) supportive.
Thanks for the help, everyone! ;) I decided on Goucher :highfive:

Congrats! I have also been wrestling with the same decision over the last couple weeks and actually chose Bryn Mawr over Goucher so I thought I would offer my insights here. As a caveat, this was a really, really difficult choice for me, because I actually enjoyed my Goucher interview experience significantly more than my Bryn Mawr experience.

I chose Bryn Mawr for the following reasons:
  1. Larger class size
    • ~75 people felt more right to me than ~30 people -- I was worried about having a smaller class size and wanted something more sizable. I felt that it both added to the diversity of people coming in as well as creating a larger alumni network to connect with
  2. Philadelphia vs. Baltimore
    • Philly had more to offer in ways of institutions I wanted to work with, places I wanted to go visit, etc. Most of my friends also live and work in NYC so Philly was a great choice to be able to stay closer and in touch with those friends.
  3. Individualized attention & advising
    • I was worried that with ~75 people, individualized attention would be negatively impacted, but after chatting with both alumni of the program as well as current postbaccs, I was assured that both Glenn as well as the faculty professors do a wonderful, wonderful job to staying in touch with each individual person and making sure that you're successful in whichever ways you want to be
  4. Linkages & history
    • I'm actually not planning on linking myself, but having a wider network of linkages and having a strong, successful history struck me as amazing resources and connections that I felt like would benefit me regardless of whether I link. Linkage visits are supposed to be amazing ways to get to know schools regardless and I felt like a history of success would be pivotal in helping me understand schools better
That said, happy to jump into more detail with any of these topics. Just for reference, I also applied to and got into Hopkins and Scripps if anyone is interested in hearing about why I ultimately narrowed it down to BM / Goucher instead of those two.

Good luck to everyone!