gpa question. yes, another one

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Dec 19, 2003
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Hi guys. Now I was just curious at how most admission committees judge an applicants gpa. For example, you have basically 3 types of gpa's in my opinion.

1: overall cum. gpa from every college class you ever took.
2: science pre-req gpa only
3: overall pre-req gpa only (includes all science and non-sci. pre-req's they ask for on their websites)

So when I start applying to schools this winter, they will see my overall cum. gpa (at time of applying should be around 2.87 gpa), and they will see my science pre-req only gpa (at time of applying 3.08 gpa), and they will see my overall pre-req gpa (around 3.2 gpa).

So basically how will schools look at these gpa's? I know for a fact that if you majored in something unrelated (such as my Economics major) and you get a 4.0 gpa, they won't be impressed. But what if you get a 2.7gpa in something non-science related?

I'm only asking because my overall cum gpa is very low and I know my science gpa isn't the highest nor is my overall pre-req gpa, but a 3.1-3.2 gpa sure looks a hell of a lot better than a 2.87 gpa.

OK, to be more specific, MWU-CPG requires 84-87 quarter units and they have a list of their pre-req's there. When I apply, my gpa for those pre-req's on that list should be 3.1 gpa but my overall should be 2.87 gpa. How do you think they would look at it?

Anyone with any suggestions or answers, I'd appreciate it.

btw, I know gpa isn't everything and blah blah. But I am just trying to get a better idea of where I stand in the gpa category.

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To be honest with you I believe GPA is very important. I know that when I applied to schools my interviews were based only upon my GPA, which was a 3.8. Competition for pharmacy is getting very competitive. So, my advice would be to either blow away the PCAT or retake some courses to raise your GPA. Then again I know people who have got into pharmacy school with a low GPA, but it probably depends where your apply. Good luck!
If you pull up you cummulative GPA to a 3.00 by the end of this summer/winter, USC should give you an interview because you did make the minimum math/science GPA. If your latest quarters of science classes were all A's and B's, then UOP likes seeing improvement. Try appling to Loma Linda U for early admission and Western in October. I applied right after summer school because I needed to raise my cummulative GPA and retake a couse.
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For MWU-CPG they will look at both your cumulative GPA and your pre-req GPA. I am *almost* positive that they place more emphasis on the pre-req GPA.
I posted a little while ago that MWU-CPG stats for this last incoming class were 3.5 GPA/79% PCAT. And I'm sure it's even higher for the class of 2007.
Grades aren't necessarily everything. The fact that you have an unusual background to bring, makes you unique. One of MWU's professors had an economics degree before he decided to go into pharmacy. If you are interested in combining the two, make that the emphasis of your personal statement.
yeah, I was told to use my Economics background in my personal statement, which I will work on. Also, I am not looking into CA schools. My first two choices are either NVCP or Hawaii =) But I am willing to go ANYWHERE in the US that accepts me. I just used MWU-CPG a an example because thats also one of my top choices.

I don't even want to go to USC nor UOP really. And yes, I started out with a few C's on my science courses but I have been getting B's and up the past 3 science classes (which I worked very hard in). That's how I got better grades in o-chem than in gen. chem. :thumbup:

so only AmandaRxs said that they PROBABLY only look at your pre-req's gpa usually. anyone else agrees or has other opinions or experiences from other schools?

also, I can't retake classes unless I got lower than a C-. So those 2 C+'s and 2 C's will have to stay. :(
Eddie, I iv'd out at NVCP a couple of weekends ago. I learned some interesting things about their admissions process. From what I understand, they invite people for an interview based solely on GPA. It doesn't matter where you took your classes (as long as it was an accredited school), what your major was, or whether or not you have a degree. They invite the top 300 applicants based solely upon their GPAs. I'm not sure if it's prereq GPA or overall GPA. They put your numbers on a spreadsheet and sort by GPA. Using their method, a 3.0 from Podunk CC will be higher on the totem pole than a 2.99 biochem major from MIT. After iv's, they then select their class using the spreadsheet. Your weighted scores from prereq GPA, overall GPA, iv, and essay are added. Then cumulative scores are sorted highest to lowest. Top 120 get in (after commitee approval). When your spring grades come in, your GPA is instantly recalculated, and your rank can be instantly adjusted. The admissions criteria struck me as odd, but the facilities impressed me, and the curriculum seemed quite progressive. Microbus out
top 300 gpa's huh? wow. that's harsh. I hope I can get into somewhere.:(
Sorry for bumping the old post but I was curious to know if your Graduate School GPA would be included in your cumalative overall GPA. thanks
WOW! this is funny because when I started to read the post, I didn't even realize THAT I STARTED THIS POST! :)

As far as I am concerned, grad school GPA may or may not count depending on the school you are applying to. On PHARMCAS this year, I was VERY detailed about EVERY college course I took. I even included my junior year of high school class for wrestling. My coach said since I am on varisty wrestling at my high school that I should just enroll in a JC course that he teaches at the JC anyways and I will get college credit.

I got an A I believe and I had to calculate that into my "college" grades. But check with the school you are interested in for that question.

Thanks for the reply. How have things went since your original post to start this thread? The reason I ask is because I am considering a new direction in my career. I saw that you have a business background. I currently have an MBA and am out working in the business world. My overall GPA is close to what you were claiming to have in the post. I'm still trying to decide if I even have a shot at pharmacy. Just curious to see how things have worked out for you so far. Thanks
things haven't gone as planned for my gpa. I could not get any A's in my courses at UC Davis. It was just nearly impossible for me personally, office hrs, all nighters couldn't help. I however did not get any C's ever again :)

I will let you know how my situation goes in a few months when everything is all said and done.

EDIT: forgot to add that I graduated from UCD this past summer with my BA in Economics. This means 2 things:

1- I do not have to take any impossible science pre-req's at a UC anymore and I will be taking my remaining 3 pre-req's at a JC. I am taking microbio as we speak and I will be getting an A unless I do something really stupid my last week here. (forget what people tell you, JC classes are SO MUCH EASIER than UC's.)

2- I have no more STUPID undergrad econ classes to WASTE MY TIME! I have had it with that theory BS. Most useless "goal" I have ever accomplished. This means I can spend ALL of my time dedicated to my last pre-req's. This means if I do not get in this year, I have a LOT better chance applying (gpa-qise) next year assuming I will get A's on my last 3-4 pre-req's.
go aggies! UC Davis rocks my socks!