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Harvard post-Revisit Weekend

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by dragon2g, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. dragon2g

    dragon2g New Member 2+ Year Member

    Jul 19, 2006
    sup guys. I couldn't go to Harvard's Revisit Weekend. I was wondering, for those who went, if you guys could post any type of comments, info, or opinions on anything about HMS. What are some positives and negatives? Are you sold on Harvard? Thanks so much.
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  3. rdz

    rdz 2+ Year Member

    Mar 1, 2007

    i went. it was packed with lots of lectures talking about "curriculum overhaul" and financial aid, but not too many social events so i didn't get much of an impression on the incoming students.

    to the other people who went to revisit, did you feel like the class was pretty reserved? was it just the short time frame? personally, i was psyched just to be there.

    it seemed like the students set up the entire weekend on a small budget and without too much support from faculty. that said, they did a good job with it...

    any other opinions?
  4. GrayShadesRed


    Apr 6, 2007
    My overall impression was definitely a very informative revisit. They basically sat us down for the whole day and talked about everything from case based learning, to the curriculum, to enrichment programs and to financial aid. We also got a tour of the simulation rooms, anatomy labs and studying rooms. We also got to see some of the performances/videos done by the first and second years. At night, they threw a party for us and took us out to Boston bars/restaurants.

    The general vibe of HMS is that the current class is unified but diverse, study hard but have lots of fun. The students have lots of freedom to find themselves, not just in terms of their future specialty but also in terms of how they can make an impact on medicine. HMS emphasizes self learning and self motivation and it is willing to support you or help you find the resources to do what you want to do. All the second years freak out over boards, but HMS consistently places in the middle among top ten schools. Majority of the students opt to take a fifth year, whether to pursue another degree or do abroad work.

    The incoming class itself is pretty diverse for the most part with an even balance between newly graduated undergrads and those who took some time off. Everyone I met were friendly, down-to-earth and sociable. I think it'll be a really fun class.

    I hope this is helpful for those who couldn't attend, maybe I'll see you in the fall.:)

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