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Dec 18, 2010
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i am a dental grad fron india ..i wish to apply for the ece evaluation services in order to apply for an mph degree ... n if fate permits then for a dds degree ... ws jus wondering that for the sophas and caapid application process how many ece reports are required ... as in is it required for me to send these reports to individual uni..??
and secondly are the marksheets attested by the university required for both these processes or is it that any government official could attest it..??
pls do reply


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Nov 20, 2010
san diego
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you have to send ECE your college transcript. This will be verified and converted into a GPA in 4.0 scale. Also they will show the credits. The mark sheets usually need to be attested by the registrar of the univ (not any govt official). You have to apply to ur university.

for CAAPID u need to send them 1 ECE report. I think the same holds for SOPHAS. They send ur info to the universities u apply.
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