HELP! Rush U. Biotechnology Masters or Barry University One Year Biomedical?


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Oct 3, 2011
  1. Pre-Dental
    Hi Everyone!
    I was recently accepted to Rush Universities one year Biotechnology program and Barry Universities one year Biomedical program for Fall of 2012. I want to apply to dental school and will be a re-applicant probably next cycle. Which school is better as far as me reaching my goal of eventually getting into dental school? Any thoughts/feedback? Please let me know. Thanks
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    Oct 3, 2011
    1. Pre-Dental
      GCC501 Molecular Biology: Genome to Proteome
      GCC502 Cellular Biochemistry: Proteins, Transport and Signaling
      BTN522 Experimental Design
      BTN531 Laboratory Techniques I (introduction to laboratory: good laboratory practices, data management)
      BTN532 Laboratory Techniques II (tissue culture; cell sorting)
      PHR504 Introduction to Pharmacology and Physiology I

      GCC503 Functional Cell Biology
      GCC504 Functional Tissue Biology
      GCC506 Biomedical Ethics 1
      BTN521 Experimental Model Development
      BTN533 Laboratory Techniques III (electrophorsis; genomics; transformation; transfection; PCR)
      BTN534 Laboratory Techniques IV (study design; animal handling; surgical techniques)
      BTN524 Communications in Laboratory Management
      PHR505 Intro to Pharmacology and Pyhsiology II

      GCC507 Medical Research Stragies/Statistics
      GCC508 Writing Practicum
      BTN523 Tools for Research (Experimentation II)
      BTN535 Laboratory Techniques V (ELISA; chromatography; densitometry/imaging)
      BTN536 Laboratory Techniques VI (histo- and immunochemistry; microscopy)
      PHR506 Intro to Pharmacology and Physiology III

      BMS 527 Biochemistry I
      BMS 595, Physiology
      BMS 553 Health Law and Ethics
      BMS 559, General Dentistry

      BMS 528, Biochemistry II
      BMS 547, Neuroanatomy
      BMS 550, Histology and Cell Biology
      BMS 591, Head & Neck Anatomy (3 sh)
      Comprehensive Qualifying Exam
      Electives (6 sh)

      I am looking to get accepted into dental school. Any thoughts? Feedback?


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      Jan 9, 2011
      1. Pre-Dental
        I'd say if your ultimate goal is dentistry and you feel convinced you won't waver from that, go with the biomed program. It seems more geared toward that eventual goal with useful stuff on neuroanatomy, head and neck anat, general dentistry, and biochemistry. If you're not so sure about dentistry and enjoy research, go with the biotech program. If you're still unsure after this assessment, price is a viable reason to pick one over the other since they both sound like good programs. After all, dental school is going to cost plenty without hefty additional loans packed on.
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