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Discussion in 'Australasia and Oceania' started by eveangel87, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone, well i am in my first year of university. I am studying a Bachelor of Science. After completing this degree i wish to sit the GAMSAT test and get into MED school. I am transferring to ANU next year for semester 1 2009. My partner is joining the defense force to complete his degree. I have only one problem that i have been worrying about for a while. I am terrible at Maths!!!!! It's something i've always been bad at. I am fine with chemistry, biology and psychology subjects. I can do simple math like basic algebra and calculus. The math in the chemistry is also really easy for me. I tried a math subject this semester but had to drop it as it would have impacted negatively on my GPA.

    I need to know if i can get by without doing a math subject. At ANU for Bachelor of science and Bachelor of Medical science you are not required to do a math subject. The only reason you need to do it is if you want to Major in physics. I have not done a physics subject yet and i was going to try one next year in semester one to see how i go.

    Do you need advanced mathematical skills for the GAMSAT. I am great with everything else but once the maths starts getting complicated, no matter how hard i study it doesn't click. I have had tutors for it and they just say, you really aren't a mathematically orientated person are you!

    I want to become a Doctor so bad, well a Surgeon. It's my dream. I need some hope that i won't need to have all that difficult math background to follow my dream. Please let me know...if i can accomplish all this without more than basic calculus and algebra.

    If i can't, please let me know what i can do to get through it. Nothing has worked so far and i am at my wits end.
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  3. shan564

    shan564 Below the fray 10+ Year Member

    If you know enough math to get through a Physics class, then you'll be fine.
  4. thanks so much. i was freaking for a bit. cheers.

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