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High Pcat .. Low Gpa...

hi , I have a very low gpa at the moment , around 3.0 , i had problems adapting first two years in college, being that i came from abroad, finished high school abroad, was in the u.s , one week before i started college, so had difficulties "blending in", im fine now, trying to retake classes, get my scores up, my pcat is in the 90's , what i want to ask is , will pcat cover up for bad gpa, and will pharm schools be willing to take into consideration my initial conditions in college, im not asking for sympathy, just understanding ..


Latin Heat
10+ Year Member
Sep 20, 2007
Central NY
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
    I'm sure others will have opinions as well, but I don't think a 3.0 is THAT low, especially if you've been showing an upward trend. Use your personal statement to explain things you think may need to be explained. What is your science GPA?


    Accepted Pharmacy Student
    10+ Year Member
    Oct 1, 2007
    1. Pre-Pharmacy
      hello mkassir,
      i am in the same situation, pcat score is 96 overall and my cumulative gpa is ~3.0. my science gpa is higher but I get so nervous about the cumulative! I can't really address your question but wanted to let you know that there are others out there!
      So, my guess is that our wait will be longer. That if we haven't heard anything yet is probably a good sign because they haven't decided to reject us but they want to see the higher overall gpa-ers first.
      I think it is definitely good advice to address your gpa in your personal statement.
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