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Dec 14, 2005
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What is the best way to get into a good vet school (cornell). Im in WV so there are no in state vet schools. What classes should I take to top off my senior year? but more importantly what kind of under grad college should I be looking for? And last, what looks "good" on a resume? any other advice is greatly appreciated ;)


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Nov 18, 2005
realistically, as a high school student, you should be taking classes that keep all your options open. i would advise that you take bio chem and physics, math and english in grade 12.

As for college - you should enroll in a program that interests you, and that provides you with a degree that you can use if vet school no longer becomes option for you. Vet schools do not care where you've done your undergraduate degree - they care about what kind of grades you've obtained, and increasingly, vet colleges are looking for well rounded, robust candidates. This means that you have to have the required pre reqs and volunteer experience to back your application - but you need to show that school and volunteering aren't the only things you're interested in.

I would advise you (as i would advise any high school student) to peruse a degree that you are interested in - and while completing that degree, you complete your pre req. courses and do some volunteering with your local vet. Get involved with sports teams and clubs, and dont limit yourself to having no life while at university - its hard work, but its supposed to be fun as well.

Does your state have a contract with a vet college? Your in state school (or contract school) is your best option for admissions - out of state schools are very competitive, not to mention expensive. And i dont care what anybody says - undergraduate veterinary education is undergraduate vet education - its pretty much taught the same everywhere - the AVMA dictates to colleges what skills graduates are required to have when they enter the work place (some schools emphasize different things, but when it comes down to it, once your degree is on the wall, nobody cares where it comes from, they care about how you treat your patients). Although its possible to get into out of state schools, the statistics show that you are far more likely to get into your in state (or contract) school.
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