History & Physical Exam clinical documentation notebooks for sale

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Oct 5, 2016
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Hey everyone,
I am an MSIII at FSU College of Medicine and a former Fire/Medic of 9 years. As I started 3rd year clerkships several months ago I was frustrated with trying to find an efficient method of writing down notes on my patient encounters. After going from blank pages with scribbled notes to trying out multiple other formats, I ultimately went back to a method I used in fire rescue for years...patient encounter templates for clinic patients. I ultimately designed an encounter sheet with everything one could possibly want to include on a clinic patient, with additional tidbits I added from experience before medical school.

Anyway, I have since found a manufacturer that has got these handy spiral-bound notebooks down to a price less than printing plain black/white pages at your local office depot/staples/etc. They are available on Amazon and are also included in the free 2-day shipping option for Prime members! Check it out and let me know what you think!

* You can click on the picture below to go directly to the Amazon page and see more pictures*
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