Sep 27, 2010
Wow! So, I purchased Crack DAT PAT, the Royal Flush edition. I finally got on it to try that bad boy out, I tried the extra 2500 hole punching questions, man! they are so tough. It was taking me so long to figure some of them out, well over the time limit required.

Is this something that is normal with the Crack DAT PAT? I think it took me like 9 minutes to solve like six of them, LOL, and I thought I was decent at hole punching......guess not.
Jul 10, 2010
The regular CDP should be more than enough.

Extra 2,500 hole punch questions is beyond excessive. Review the hole-punch questions from the regular CDP tests and be sure to give yourself a day or two to fully understand the answers conceptually.


10+ Year Member
Jan 23, 2009
Sure 2500 might be over kill but practice makes perfect.

How are you going about solve your problems? Are you using a grid method? or trying to visualize it all in your head.

Don't be a hero. if you're too lazy to draw out grids use their pdf print out. More often than not you can quickly determine the correct answer after only making a few marks.