so i've been sitting on my duke secondary for quite a long time...

in any case, i'm not quite sure how to answer the question about honors/awards and explaining which is the most important. i basically have very few to even talk about.

it wasn't a problem when i applied to college, but now it is...

it's probably the easiest question on the application, and I'm not sure what to do.

making the dean's list is probably the most important to me and there's really not much i can say about it

any suggestions?

Buck Wild

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Aug 20, 2002
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hey sheil, you finally fell victim to this addicting site....

haven't started my duke app yet, but looking at the essays i think you need to choose whichever activity or honor and explain its importance and your commitment.

i personally don't think it matters which you choose, just be sure you've been dedicated to it, and write how it's impacted your life. this question shouldn't be too tough, i know you've got a bunch to talk about.

i'll come to LA and visit sometime.....bonzo (hehe...didn't want to use the nombre real)


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Jan 27, 2002
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lol - same as me!
i just put down my deans list.
it did get me interviews at UPENN and WashU last year - so I dont think its really a big deal if you dont have any..
oh I also put down my undergraduate research fellowship as an award....
I consider it an award cuz it was pretty competitive and we got a stipend.


hey sheil, you finally fell victim to this addicting site....

so you found me on sdn. haha. i was wondering if anyone was even going to reply.

basically, all i have is dean's list and some honor society i joined freshman year. and if i choose dean's list, all i can say is that i am proud that i got good grades and worked hard those quarters. it just seems like a waste of space. that's what i've been struggling with...but if that's all i can say, i can live with it.
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