May 17, 2015
As I am about 3 weeks out from the PCAT I was wondering if anyone could tell me how my scores for Dr.Collins' practice tests were looking.

The first time I am taking each Collins' test I am getting around 10-15 wrong for every section, with about 8 of them consistently being stupid mistakes (such as solving for pH instead of pOH, forgetting a negative sign, etc). Does anyone have a guess on how these will translate to a percentile ranking/composite score? I will say that if I go back to retake a Collins' test I do usually crush it only getting 1 or 2 wrong. Although I am not sure if it is because I subconsciously remember the answer or if I'm actually learning from my mistakes.

I have also taken a Pearson practice test (saving the other 2 for closer to the exam) and scored in the 80-99%ile (Not sure why they don't narrow it down further for you) in Bio, Chem, and RC, with around the 70%ile in Verbal, and 60%ile in Quant. From your point of view are these a better representation than Collins? Does anyone know if the Pearson practices factor in the 8 "trial" questions?