How do you read First Aid?

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Apr 8, 2011
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So I have officially started studying now and am curious how all of you are reading First Aid. This book is literally so dense, it feels like swimming in molasses :)

What I mean is, do you read it like a book? Take notes? I keep hearing that literally EVERY word is important. Kinda stressful to declare a page done and turn to the next right? I mean, if every word is important...

Anyway, I'd love to hear how those who have gone before read through it!

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I started off with Goljan Audio and annotated along with it. I then watched ALL the kaplan videos and again annotated in it. Along all this I did UWorld and now I am doing DIT.

So in order to read need to dissect each word. You cant just memorize it off the bat. You have to understand it first by using other resources whether it be Kaplan, Uworld etc.

After you understand it, its like youve filled in all the gaps and completed all the incomplete "sentences" you can then "read" it (which would probably be in your last few weeks of studying).

Memorizing is probably left for the last few weeks!!

Hope this helps.