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Apr 13, 2008
I've read a few threads and I'm getting the feeling that EK isn't considered a good prep book for physics, while TBR and maybe Nova are. Why? I've read through EK's organic book and liked it. Would you say EK Physics is as good of a prep book for physics, as Ek Organic is for organic?

As far as I can tell TBR seems to be the best prep book for Organic and Physics(although really long), so would you say the difference between EK organic and TBR organic is the roughly the same as the difference between EK physics and TBR physics... or is TBR physics just miles ahead of EK physics, and why?
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Apr 7, 2010
I'm not entirely sure but the feeling I got from EK Physics was that it was "a light brush up" for people that are just amazing at physics. It's not thorough at all and does not have in-depth explanations or examples for problem solving. Maybe that's just the feeling I got, I don't know. I ordered TBR Physics, Chem, and OChem today so hopefully I'll get those soon.
Mar 25, 2010
Yeah, I've been reading EK physics for the meantime. I ordered TBR books; mailed my order form and money order on April 1st, but they still haven't sent me an e-mail. I'm worried that it is taking so long. I hope my order form is not lost. I sent it through snail mail, but even then, it usually doesn't take 9 days to get from GA to CA. I hope I get it soon.