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Nov 15, 2014
Medical Student
Hello pathologist ,
I am an IMG , YOG 2016 , step 1 score is 259 , passed CS from first attemp , awaiting step 2 CK score , I have no US clinical experience , and only home LORs , I am not a citizen . I have only 2 research experiences with no publications.

how many pathology programs should I apply to guarantee an enough number of interviews for matching , some people say 30 ? 50? 70 ? 100!!!

what kind of programs should I apply to ? do I have a chance in top 10 programs or it will be waste of money ?

I really need your advice since I can't find much data on pathology and experiences like internal medicine ,

thank you my future colleagues :D


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Oct 3, 2016
San Ramon
Attending Physician
You have an excellent chance at getting a position at a good University program. 50 would be enough IMO. Good luck.
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