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  1. C

    Rank list help!

    Hi guys, Need help ranking 3 programs. I had some red flags so I’m grateful I even have 3 to rank lol. That said, it’s hard. The programs are: 1. SUNY upstate 2. Rutgers 3. UT Houston I enjoyed all 3 interviews some more than others. Does anyone have any info on Rutgers? It’s hard to find...
  2. M

    Pathology, undergraduate research?

    Hi all, How important is undergraduate research if I’m interested in pathology? I’m already a senior, and I’m feeling a little discouraged. I only contributed to some research but am not on the way to publishing anything on my own or being a second author. Thank you!
  3. CrossCassowary

    Pathologist salary

    How much do pathologists actually make without a PhD? I went into vet school wanting to be an anatomic pathologist, but now that it's time to apply, I'm having cold feet because I'm worried about finances. I have ~250k debt. I want to be able to pay back my student loans and start living life...
  4. W

    Does type of clinical experience as a premed matter (pathology)?

    Hello, I am a rising senior in high school. Before you leave or tell me to post this in the high school premed forum instead (which I already did), I would like to say that what I hope to achieve from posting this here is a more focused perspective/advice particularly in my field of interest...
  5. W

    Does the type of clinical experience matter to medical schools?

    Hello, I am a rising senior in high school. Before you tell me to post this in the high school forum instead, I want to say that this question is more med-schools admissions related rather than premed admissions related, and I hoped that this forum would be better equipped to answer this. Does...
  6. I

    Can path-trained dermatopathologists function as dermatologists as well?

    Let's say a pathologist went on to do a dermatopathology fellowship, could said dermatopathologist function as a dermatologist as well? For example, could they do their own biopsies, skin cancer screenings, get patient interaction, etc.?
  7. simplespring

    Forensic Pathology as a future career [Prospects of a US IMG]

    Hello everyone! I am a US international medical student hoping to pursue a career in forensic pathology. I've done extensive research and clinical electives at the forensic department in foreign medical institutions but have yet to do any in the states. After going through all of my hospital...
  8. D

    Position Wanted Pathology PGY 1 or PGY2 wanted

    Hello, I am looking for a PGY1 or PGY2 position in a pathology program. I have all the USMLE steps, my license and I finished my intern year as a pathology PGY1. I am currently doing a proctorship at Dr. Noy Pathology Lab. I am willing to start immediately.
  9. G

    pathologists doing MOHS

    I have been reading this forum long enough and I am perplexed at a lot of issues I see and hear about in path. As the title suggests, I think it's odd that plastics can do a dermatopath fellowship and we are unable to do MOHS fellowship. I am aware that 1) it deals with live patients 2) it is a...
  10. F

    Choosing an MD vs DO Path..

    Can really use some input! I am a senior premed student extremely interested in pursuing forensic pathology. I have high GPA, research + paper, shadowing, and awesome extracurriculars. The only thing is my MCAT score is sub-average. I did not have enough time to study for it, and my score...
  11. V

    MD What if I don't match?

    Post removed by author
  12. S

    oral pathology master

    hi , i recently graduated from a dental school in Armenia . i obtained a dds degree , my plan is to move to Canada and continue my education in Canada . would it be possible to study for masters or do research with a dds degree in canada if you graduated from a non-accredited university ? im...
  13. D

    USMLE USMLE 1 study help

  14. StrongBeliever

    Is it true that TISSUES are supplied by arterioles, venules and capillaries but NOT by arteries and

    Is it true that TISSUES are supplied by arterioles, venules and capillaries but NOT supplied by arteries and veins? So I'm revising ' Acute Inflammation' and my professor says vascular reaction occurs in arterioles, venules and capillaries and NOT in arteries and veins cos tissues are...
  15. M

    Pathology - observership vs clinical elective

    When it comes to internal medicine or surgery, I understand that there is a big difference between an observership (no one-on-one interaction with patient, no procedures) and a clinical elective (students take history and do procedures). Obviously, clinical elective is a more valuable...
  16. I

    Struggling to Find Adequate Gap Year Job

    I have been having trouble finding an adequate job in my small(ish) town for my 2 gap years. The only positions available near me are CNAs. I've been hearing that people are getting rejected from medical schools because being a CNA, you don't work with physicians at all. For this reason I...
  17. T

    Pathology Residency Interview Invite Dates

    Step1: 242, no honors except neuropath (elective), not AOA, 2 pubs Interview invites so far: Uni. of Miami & Uni. of Minnesota
  18. M

    Mnemonics for Erythema Multiforme, Frey's Syndrome,Aneurysmal bone cyst, Ameloblastoma

  19. M

    Work as a Diener!? Advice please

    I have been volunteering in a pathology lab at a local hospital. They had a recent position open up for a Diener in the morgue and I’ve been encouraged to apply. I would be assisting Pathologists and residents in the morgue. The persons whose job I would be taking ( leaving for med school...
  20. southjersey54

    Comlex Score

    Just got comlex score back.....458, totally was not expecting this low of a score but it is what it is. Want to do pathology. Chances of getting into a pathology program? Any insight appreciated. Sooooo bummed right now.
  21. PhoebusX

    Clinical Pathology review

    Good day fellow physicians. Any advice for a study sched for clinical pathology certifying exam? I dont know where to start and what to focus on. Anxiety is really getting me and I am in a state of panic. Any review material you can advice or specific topics to focus? Thanks in advance.
  22. H

    Dermpath Fellowship Interviews 2020-21

    UPMC sending out interviews Indiana University filled Feel free to update any new information
  23. M

    Some Mnemonics for Paget's, Scleroderma, CREST

    Hi! I hope you are having a great day :) I have created those mnemonics in preparation for NBDE Hope it helps!, oh, and please do leave me your feedback. Thanks :)
  24. B

    Path Residency Applications

    So I've been lurking on the various school sites and ACVP website, and most schools haven't put their 2019 application up yet. I was wondering when I should expect more schools to have them up. It seems too early to pester people about it yet.
  25. C

    Change of Path Residency with poor Step 1?

    It's a bit late in the game, but I found my own pathology residency (not offered by my school or the agency I was using to help with electives) and really like what I saw. Some say it's not the most competitive residency, but with my extremely ****y Step 1 score anything is going to be...
  26. Avicenna144

    Question about EBM

    I have been reading more about EBM, advantages and disadvantages and utilization in the clinic, and I have a question about it for those who are interested in this topic: Does EBM strictly refer to using peer-reviewed articles/studies as sources of ''evidence''? Or does it also refer to using...
  27. S

    Information needed on Pathologists' assistant programs

    Hey all! I am an International Medical Graduate from China looking for alternative career pathways and am really interested in becoming a pathologists' assistant. The career itself seems like a great fit for me since i am no longer interested in the clinical side of medicine. I wonder if any...
  28. P

    Atrophy (Apoptosis vs. Autophagocytosis)

    Came across this Q: According to Pathoma: Decrease in cell number occurs via apoptosis. Decrease in cell size occurs via autophagy. Is there something in the question stem that specifically points at one over the other? Otherwise, I feel like both of these could be correct no?
  29. J

    MD Question about endocrine pathology(hyperthyroidism)

    I am having a hard time understanding a paragraph from "Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease 9th Edition", particularly in hyperthyroidism topic in endocrine pathology. The paragraph is " In the gastrointestinal system, sympathetic hyperstimulation of the gut results in hypermotility...
  30. Fox621

    How awesome is KSU?

    Hey guys! I'm finishing up my first year as an international student at the Atlantic Veterinary College up here in Canada, but my dream has always been to graduate from Kansas State University. I teched at an EC for 5 years and the two most incredible DVMs I have met graduated from K-State...
  31. Avicenna144


    Hello everyone, I want to eventually become a pathologist, and although currently I am working at a toxicology lab accredited by the college of american pathologists, what we do is technically not pathology. That's why I am thinking about enrolling in a histotech program. Anyone has any...
  32. pikappa

    IMG-friendly Pathology electives?

    Does anyone know any medical schools that offer pathology electives that I can attend? I am currently a medical student at a university in Europe.
  33. J

    Ranking Advice

    Hey SDN, I am a MS4 who is really struggling to make my rank order list. I have a lot of great options but an paralyzed by indecision. Most of my programs I enjoy pretty equally, except for a few minor blips. To be honest, almost every program I interviewed at was pretty similar IMO. Anyone with...
  34. NuclearDust

    Practice comparison: Own the AP lab vs PC + Part A practice

    Hey guys, so I'm trying to compare two different practices, and I'm trying to determine how much of a difference that owning the AP lab makes in terms of a practice. Practice 1: Owns their own free-standing AP lab for all H&E and IHC for all outreach work and has their own billing dept. They...
  35. C

    physician scientist track

    hey guys, I'm an MD/PhD trying to plan my next career move. My current dilemma is trying to have a firm understanding how viable a research career is going down a CP-only physician-scientist track. Note, I'm interested in feedback from people who are already there or are heading in that...
  36. stormhawk27

    Path residencies... somebody give me a pep talk/advice

    I am a 4th year vet student currently suffering through pathology residency rejection season. I am still waiting on one more school, but I am not hopeful as I was straight up told while I was on externship there that they prefer people who have "done something after vet school" ahead of people...
  37. C

    Question about Obstructive/Restrictive Lung Disorders

    My book explains that COPD mainly affects exhalation due to air trapping and restrictive disorders affect inhalation due to issues with lung compliance. So I understand how emphysema would trap air due to a loss of elasticity in alveoli. They would not be able to efficiently go back to their...
  38. freecitizen

    What type of radiology information do you want to know for the step?

    Hello everyone, I am currently putting together radiology MCQ bank website for the USMLE, NBMEs and clerkships. I know this is not a heavily tested topic but I this is my side project that I ultimately want to be a "quick" review for radiology. Is there anything in particular that you would...
  39. ViewMaster

    Question from a Pathologist: Looking into Halogen light or LED? Eye health

    I am a Pathologist in fellowship about to move into practice and I am looking at microscopes. All through residency and fellowship, I have always used scopes with a halogen light source (usually 12V 100W). But more recently microscope manufacturers are offering LED options for light sources...
  40. F

    How to successfully become a forensic pathologist?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this site - please forgive me if I'm not doing something right, I'm just getting adjusted! Anyway, I am in my first year of undergraduate and I have a dual major, forensic science and biological sciences with a cellular/molecular concentration. I am doing really well...