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Oct 20, 2014
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Just curious to see if this is consistent amongst different schools (and if you're comfortable please share which one). Are you required to make your own special trays, base+rims, do your own mounting, wax ups, teeth setups, pour, trim + duplicate your own models etc?? For those with digital workflows are you expected to design your own pros. work?


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Oct 24, 2012
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Everything except waxing and casting for crowns. We make the pindex and submit that to our lab.

Edit to give more detail - we set denture teeth and then submit that to the lab to be invested. We wax up teeth for putties to make crown/bridge provisionals or to make suck-downs as surgical guides for implants. Pouring up alginates, duplicating casts, making custom trays, beading and boxing and pouring secondary denture impressions, setting denture teeth on rpd framework, wax rims, etc. is all on us too. We design all the RPD components and draw the outline on the cast but the lab waxes it up and sprues/invests/casts/polishes it.

I'm very curious about others, I've heard we are very lab heavy compared to other schools.
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Jul 13, 2012
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For crown and bridge we pindex, trim dies, mount casts, and then submit to lab.
For complete dentures we make record bases, wax rims, etc. The lab sets the teeth (but many of us reset them), and after a try-in we send them back for processing to the lab.
We also design RDPs on the casts and the lab casts the framework.
We do Dx wax-ups and the same thing as mentioned above (matrices and suck downs for provisionals, surgical guides, and radiographic guides).

We also do the basics like pouring up casts, duplicating, custom impression trays, etc.

Basically the same as free99 mentioned except for setting teeth.
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