1. C

    Bioinformatics to Fulfill Prereq

    Hi all, I was wondering if a course in bioinformatics (lecture + bioinformatic labs) would count toward the two semester req of biology. I currently have AP Bio credit, and don't plan on retaking intro bio. Thank you!
  2. C

    Course Classification & Coursework entry question

    2 questions that I haven't been able to find on here... first, I took an Addiction Studies class (Alcohol Use and Addiction) my junior year. Would I classify this as "Special Studies," "Behavioral & Social Sciences," or "Other" ? It didn't focus on any biology/psychology, basically just learned...
  3. F

    Problem with coursework, Please help!

    I've read the fine print in the acceptance letter and it says that the offer is contingent on the fact that I have completed my coursework/programs listed in my application. I am depending on my acceptance to the program. Will the fact that I withdrew from the program be a problem? The course...
  4. R

    Coursework & Fieldwork Med Term Course Recommendations?

    Hello everyone! I am currently applying to multiple MSOT and OTD programs for the 2021 cycle and I am needing medical terminology as a pre-req for some of the schools I am applying to. I am a recent college graduate of Clemson University so I am no longer a student technically and that is where...
  5. L


  6. B

    How do I input a credit/no credit Molec Lab that was incorporated into Molec Lecture grade?

    I took Molecular Biology which is 4 units. 1 of those 4 units was for the lab, so the lab grade was incorporated in the Molecular Biology grade. So my transcript looks like this: Molecular Biology | 4 units | A- Molecular Biology Lab | 0 units | CR CR as in credit. So do I make two separate...
  7. artist2022

    Official 2019-2020 AADSAS Q&A Thread

    So lots of these types of threads have been popping up about questions about how to submit something or how to do something, so I'll be adding them to this thread one by one so that people can have these to refer to all in one place! Going forward, please post new questions in this thread, and...
  8. V

    Course information not on official transcript

    My current university gave credits to some courses that I took in my previous university (a foreign university). But on the official transcript of my current university, there are no detailed course names. Only a total number (39.98 credits). The detailed information of the transferred courses...
  9. V

    Repeated Foreign Coursework

    I took some of my prerequisites (gen chem, gen bio) in another country before I transferred to the United States. My current university transferred the credits but didn't give any grade for the coursework (I guess it's P/F). And these courses were also appointed to specific courses at my current...
  10. H

    AMCAS Coursework mistake

    Hi all! Has someone been in this situation and knows if AMCAS will fix it or send it back? D: I am really stressed about it possibly delaying my application. I submitted June 1, but I realized I accidentally put the wrong year for one summer's worth of courses. It was between freshman academic...
  11. goldchallenge

    Unusual Circumstance Coursework AMCAS question

    What is the best way to document coursework for a bachelor's degree for which I didn't actually do any coursework specifically for the bachelor's degree? I was able to repurpose undergraduate coursework I had done previously as prerequisites for a professional degree program plus some of the...
  12. S

    AMCAS coursework question

    Hi All! I am filling out the "coursework" section and have run into a problem. When I was in high school, I took some community college courses during the summers. I understand the parameters for entering these courses under the "CC" school attended. However, I also got credit for one of these...
  13. LindaAccepted

    Medical What NOT to Do on the Medical School Coursework Section

    This part of the medical school application can be time consuming since you will have to enter in the title, units, and grade as well as classification for every college level class you’ve ever taken. It’s easy to make mistakes here since there are so many to list. Besides entering in the basic...
  14. R

    Will my undergrad course selections limit research options?

    Hello all, I am currently a sophomore Biology major/Chem minor and I'm seriously considering pursuing an MSTP after undergrad. I am interested in genetics, immunology, molecular biology, synthetic biology, and biochem as areas of potential research (I think several of those research focuses...
  15. Babbitt4MVP

    How do I list a community education Spanish class?

    I am taking a once-weekly Spanish class offered by the hospital I volunteer it. This is in no way affiliated with any college or other educational institution. There are no grades or credits given with it. It is purely a community education class that I take to learn a valuable skill. I am no...
  16. mooette

    How much labwork are you required to do as dental students?

    Just curious to see if this is consistent amongst different schools (and if you're comfortable please share which one). Are you required to make your own special trays, base+rims, do your own mounting, wax ups, teeth setups, pour, trim + duplicate your own models etc?? For those with digital...
  17. R

    Personal Statement - Addressing Old Coursework

    I'm reapplying MD and DO after working for some years as a research assistant (LM ~70). I think I've had some substantial improvements in my volunteer work and in terms of publications. However, some of my coursework is beginning to get a little old... (5+ years) which is worrisome. I feel that...
  18. G

    Transcript question

    Hey, guys, I've been fortunate enough to have received a few acceptances this cycle. However, I just realized that I made a mistake in my AMCAS and I'm not sure what to do about it. I am currently in my 3rd gap and toward the beginning of the first gap year, I completed a phlebotomy program...
  19. CaptainAwesome92

    Quick Coursework Q (Labs)

    Hey everyone! I'm curious about if my UCLA Chem 20L, 30AL, and 30BL classes count as "lab only" or "lecture/lab". They all included basically one hour of lecture and three hours of lab every week, and our final grade included a midterm and final written exam in addition to the work we had done...
  20. P

    How to enter Honors courses into AMCAS? (University of Washington student)

  21. LindaAccepted

    Medical What Not to Do on the Medical School Coursework Section

    Double check your info before pressing send! This part of the medical school application can be time consuming since you will have to enter in the title, units, and grade as well as classification for every college level class you’ve ever taken. It’s easy to make mistakes here since there are...
  22. D

    Atypical applicant : Advice for next year

    Hello folks, I've realized this is a terribly long post, so I'm going to condense some info at the top for those not willing to get to know the whole story. sGPA : 3.0 // oGPA : 2.95 // Worked 35hr/wk all through undergrad // transfer student // Evil courseloads // Dec. 5 DAT (first) : AcAvg...
  23. fitdoc123

    What to expect the first year of optometry school?

    I will be starting SUNY August 2016, what should i expect the first year of optometry school? At SUNY but also any other schools for general opinions? What is the first year like? classwork, time management? how did you balance school and fun time?