HPSP/HPCP availability.

Discussion in 'Pharmacy' started by Falokis, May 17, 2008.

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    I know there is a million military threads, but this is a very direct question not posed in the other threads.

    If anyone knows if the different branches are getting their quotas of Pharmacist via HPSP or HPCP? I ask because I would like to know how hard it is to get into these programs. I keep hearing different things. I hear anything from the Airforce getting 3/17 last year to filling all 17 HPSP slots with alot of people not getting in. If anyone knows anything beyond speculation, I would like to hear it. Can't trust the recruiter to be straight. He makes it sound like I need to get this stuff done or I will lose the chance. I'm getting it done either way, but I want to know if he trying to get me frantic so I will feel lucky the "Navy will have me." That way he could try and pull something over on me during signing. Maybe I'm paranoid.
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    That's an interesting question. I'm wondering that too, specifically for the Air Force.
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    Your recruiter is actually correct. If you are going to apply for HPSP you need to apply ASAP. They are highly competitive positions, especially in pharmacy. They don't always have pharmacy HPSP available every year and all three branches have different availability from year to year. If you do get it, you are in fact lucky because they are looking for the best of the best applicants. Also when you apply, don't forget you can back out at ANY time during the process until you actually commission into whatever military branch you want to get into.

    good luck

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