All Branch Topic (ABT) HPSP - Question about doing MEPS for multiple branches

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Nov 5, 2023
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Pre-dental student here applying to the Army and Navy HPSP. I have already done my MEPS for Army and still have to get my physical checked off for Navy. I am aware that MEPS only needs to be completed once and that recruiters can share MEPS info amongst each other. However, I am also aware that it is better that the Army and Navy do not know that I am applying to other branches. My question is can I do MEPS again for the Navy without them finding about the MEPS I already did for the Army? Is it better just to come clean and let my recruiters know about me applying to multiple branches? Also, do the recruiters finding about my application to other branches affect my chances of acceptance? As in, is there any chance they inform the boards? Thank you in advance!

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