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Jan 30, 2023
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medical issues?

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I think you’ll be Ok.

I had a medical issue come up and I was told I’d either get a waiver or get a medical discharge.

You won’t have to pay any money back. You pay money back when you quit or have legal troubles that result in you losing you commission/scholarship.

Someone I know was medically separated prior to finishing school and was released from his obligation.

Now, If you were purposely trying to get out of your payback then you can get into big trouble.

I would be honest and forthcoming to your doctor.
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Only your military physician can make that call and contact BUMED to see what happens with your condition

Luckily I was able to get a waiver so i don’t know what happens after but I do know if it’s a medical condition that’s disqualifying then you shouldn’t have to pay anything back. If you’re deemed disabled then you won’t be able to serve as a dentist
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Don't stress about the details. This is usually a long process. Potentially months/year. It doesn't cost them anything at this point to wait it out seeing as they've already paid your tuition this year. You will likely see a military physician/s and do a lot of paperwork. One day they will tell you that you will get a waiver, and the next they will tell you they are working on medically separating you, and the next they will tell you something totally different. Don't lose any sleep over it. Just wait it out and focus on school.
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